Thursday, July 5, 2018

2. I Can't Explain It

Life is a circle, around and around and then it takes off way beyond. Is that how energies move, and why our cosmos always looks like a swirl?

Let's start with what captured my interest in energies and mysterious aspects that are difficult to explain.

In the early 1980's I was working as an art director where I snagged a hot job at a worldwide ad agency. But, it was also the most frustrating period in my career; I just didn't feel a fit between me and the company.

One day I noticed that the only plant in my office, an Iron Wood Tree, was in full bloom and its many flowers were emitting a very strong scent. This was a rare occurance for this plant, and I remembered hearing something about it when I was younger from people of my parents' generation. So I called my friend Danny who was studying Feng Shui. He told me that the flowering plant could somehow exert an energetic influence on my work situation with the possibility of two extreme outcomes -- either the best or the worst. No in between. He then suggested that I tie a red ribbon around the plant and place two red Chinese money envelopes at the base.  This for the purpose of blocking or lessening the negative extreme.

After a couple of months I was fired. How could the rare flowering of a plant foretell my fortune? I asked Danny to explain more. He gave me a palm reading and a brief fortune calculation based on my birth date. He told me I was in a year of misfortune.  And, based on the direction that my office windows and door faced, negative energies were all around me. Should I believe him or not?

I remembered a story my parents had told me from World War II way before I was born. It was the end of summer 1941 and in the Happy Valley area of Hong Kong a small stand of bamboo flowered -- a once in a lifetime event. Recalling people talking about this phenomenon reminded me of the flowering Iron Wood Tree and Danny's career prediction for me. On December 8, 1941, the same day as the attack on Pearl Harbor, Hong Kong was invaded by the Japanese Imperial Army who proceeded to wrest control of the island from the British by Christmas Eve.

There's a season of blooming, either in good or bad way; there's also season of antonyms ...


  1. It’s really fascinating. I want to know more. It’s keeping everything balanced perhaps?

  2. The universe operates in a weird order. What goes up must come down. We can only try to be a better person and be good to each other. And yes , energy matters. So is the colours and decor and life form in our habitat.

  3. I am just testing the comment capabilities of this blog. Helping Kendal with this. Thanks.