Monday, July 16, 2018

4. Your Sign Is in the Stars

A professional energy therapist will state that there are energies all around us, and he or she just uses their skill to move them about. It's a tool for healing. How this works, of course, is a mystery. But in the world of Chinese Feng Shui, there are different types of energies which really can affect an individual's experiences every day.

Can these energies be used wisely? Absolutely.

First of all, I am not a Feng Shui practitioner. I am just an interested person with some intriguing experiences to share and exchange with you. Through what I have learned, and by sharing it with you, hopefully it will help to clear out the fog of indecision. To find an alternative to some of the challenges in your life with the goal ultimately being peace of mind.

Also, I would like to make clear that the objective of Feng Shui is not to change one's life.  Feng Shui masters indicate that clients often inquire if they can heal illness or save a loved one from a terminal diagnosis.  Their response:  a client might as well ask them how to become a millionaire.

Everyone's life is already set based on their birth year, month, day and hour.  Believing, yes, in manifest destiny -- rich or poor, genius or not so much, long life or early departure.  These aspects of one's life are already pre-determined. Feng Shui just helps us to do better at the right moment by opening up more opportunities. It helps to lessen bad choices when one is in a dark tunnel and prepares us to foresee and handle difficulties better.

Then what is Feng Shui all about?

Among all energies, there are a few key ones that one should always pay more attention to: money, relationships, health and career. These are the major ones that exert control on one's performance.  And, these energies move around with their influence shifting direction year to  year -- kind of like musical chairs. They change the direction every year based on the year zodiac. Like the year of the Dog, money energy comes in the East, year will be sitting at the Southeast corner; and how it affects you depends on the zodiac sign you were born into.

Next up: let's find out the Chinese zodiac sign under which you were born.

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  1. It's mystic but also very true. Sometimes a misplace of certain furniture or ornature can cause pain and sickness. I had the first-hand experience of this.