Sunday, July 29, 2018

6. Hooray, It's My Birth Zodiac Year! Time to Celebrate? TBD!

I hope you easily found your zodiac sign from the table of years, but there are always some exceptions.

A friend of mine was born in January 1957, but he's not a Rooster. One's zodiac sign is based on the Lunar calendar. Chinese New Year usually starts in late January or February. So even if you were born in the beginning of the year, your zodiac sign is from the previous calendar year.

Like my friend, he is still a Monkey. But since he is in between both years, he needs to check Monkey and then Rooster when determining his yearly fortune prediction.

2018 is the year of the Dog. Many who are born under this zodiac sign might think this would be a wonderful and lucky year for them. To tell the truth, it's not. In Feng Shui, when a zodiac sign is the sign of a particular year it is called "Tai Sui," which means "in charge" or "on duty."

Imagine. When you are on duty and in charge of an important mission, you are certainly much busier than usual. You have a lot of things to take care of, problems waiting for answers, difficulties seeking solutions. The burden of the whole world suddenly seems to be on your shoulders.

When a year with your zodiac sign comes up, the entire 12 months will probably slow down a lot. Even if it seems not as smooth as it should be, plans may be laying out but not moving ahead as quickly as expected. Some plans may even need to be altered.

Overall it will be a year of patience and often it is more difficult and challenging. Be sure to pay more attention to your health as well.

BTW, do you know who's born in the year of the Dog? Donald Trump.

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  1. O my dog. DT. He surely has taken on a lot.