Sunday, August 26, 2018

10. Your Chinese Zodiac Love Match

Let's consider the possibilities of matching up Chinese zodiac signs for love.

Again, here are the signs that match up with each other and could theoretically create quite the power couple:
  • Rat and Hare
  • Ox and Tiger
  • Dragon and Boar
  • Snake and Dog
  • Rooster and Horse
  • Ram and Monkey
These combinations could help each individual raise the energies in relationships with people they come into contact with. So, wouldn't it be perfect if we married someone who was born in the year of our matching zodiac sign?

Well, no one can control who you plan to marry, but most likely you will get along with people who are your matching Chinese zodiac sign. Still, relationships are based on individual's personalities. There's much more than just your partner's zodiac to inform how you get along or the energies you are able to create around you. Even if you are married to an opposite zodiac, that doesn't mean disaster. The zodiac sign only changes the different energies that surround you. Maybe it closes some doors, but it also opens up other doors of possibility.

In China before modernization, parents used their children's birth year, month, day and time to pair them with others to find their perfect match in a life partner. The year of a child's zodiac sign is only one part of equation, as the other aspects come into play. If two people with opposite signs come together, their points of view may often differ and sometimes there could be rough patches, but what couple doesn't face conflict in their everyday lives? In relationships, it's all about patience day to day, the mystery of chemistry, and, of course, passion.

Here are some interesting examples:

  • Rooster and Rooster can be a very talkative pair!
  • Dog with Dog are apt to argue over every little thing.
  • Tiger with Tiger both like to be the head of the family.
  • Dragon coupled with Dragon are similar to Tiger, but in a good way.
  • Monkeys together like to spend quality time with each other.
  • Ram and Ram typically do whatever the other wants.
  • Hare together with Hare will most likely raise a large family!
  • Rat and Snake are partners in crime.
  • Ox and Horse can easily miscommunicate.

Like all astrological examinations, the details can become quite complicated.  So these examples are mainly for fun But, on some level they certainly make sense.

As for the key to finding one's soul mate?  It's all about the love energy.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

9. More Power Pairing of Chinese Zodiac Signs

Jason is about to interview for a new job. It's important since his current position has not worked out particularly well, and he's going on three years of discontent.

Being an open-minded person with a European heritage, he is interested in and accepting of many different kinds of cultures and beliefs. So I gave him a simple tip for the interview: carry something with an Ox image on his person, perhaps a piece of jewelry or a key chain.

Later that week he tells me he has been selected for a second round to meet the management team. He says he doesn't have any items featuring an Ox, but he does have a coin from a nationwide investment company that has oxen as their brand image. He agrees to put the lucky charm in his wallet and carry it every day. After a few weeks, he is offered the job and accepts.

In my last blog we learned the zodiac sign that pairs up with yours to create a power base. Jason being born in the year of the Tiger matches up with the power partner Ox. The point is, carry an item close to your body with the power zodiac sign that matches yours. It will help to build strong and effective energies among people and give others a good impression of you in any occasion.

Isn't it interesting? A good impression doesn't ensure you will get what you want, such as a new position, a shiny object you must have, or the love of your life. That is all based on your own personality, ability, and honesty. But sending out positive energy to others will help to open up more possibilities; might bring about some happy occurrences; and help us have more friends than enemies. Because our zodiac year only comes around every twelve years, we help to increase our positive energy by carrying a symbol of the zodiac sign that matches up with our birth sign.

As I've mentioned before, if you don't have a object that displays your matching zodiac sign, consider a coin, or maybe a pin, or perhaps a button. This should be something that you can carry everyday and especially for that special occasion.  Other objects to consider: a key chain, money clip, patterned wallet, or an image on your phone home screen. Just be sure to choose the one that correctly matches your zodiac sign.

Again, here are the power pairs of the Chinese zodiac:

  • Rat and Hare
  • Ox and Tiger
  • Dragon  and Boar
  • Snake and Dog
  • Horse and Rooster
  • Ram and Monkey
Happy pairing!

Sunday, August 12, 2018

8. The Magical Power of the Wu Lou Gourd And Your Power Zodiac Partner

In the past, I have mentioned using a pair of jade Wu Lou at the entrance to my office in order to absorb good energy and make a big change happen within the week. What is the magic of this number eight "8"-shaped squash?

Wu Lou, or the calabash gourd, is a kind of fruit. Aside from eating it, for thousands of years people in Asia have dried it out and used it as a storage vessel. The Chinese use it to hold water, herbal tea, wine, and even medicine -- especially for those traveling or out in the streets all day. Since what is being saved inside must be related to survival, many traditional stories have described its mysterious powers. For example, the medicine held inside cannot only heal illness, it can raise the dead. That's pretty powerful medicine!

Even beyond that, a few popular gods and goddess from old story books use Wu Lou to suck all the devilish energies and bad spirits away; locking them up inside the Wu Lou forever.

This may answer how Wu Lou plays an interesting role in Feng Shui. It can symbolically extend positive energy around you; or absorb bad energy coming towards you.

Maybe we should just wear a pair of jade Wu Lou as jewelry whether it's sunny or rainy -- or maybe not. What I do understand is that a pair of Wu Lou are mostly effective in particular situations or only for a limited period of time. Using their mysterious power should not necessarily be used long term. Yet, if there's an opposite zodiac sign giving you a difficult time, of course there should be one or two Wu Lou around you for protection.

Let's discuss what is one of the most important elements in any person's life: relationships. I'm not necessarily referring to romance or one's life partner, but relationships with everyone around you. Your family, friends, co-workers, boss, strangers and enemies -- in general anyone you might come into contact with on any given day. Imagine receiving care and help no matter whether in an up or down period of life -- doing well regardless of the circumstances and always having help during a difficult period.

Check here to find out which zodiac sign matches best with yours that can help to increase positive relationships with the people you come in contact with:
  • Rat and Hare
  • Ox and Tiger
  • Dragon  and Boar
  • Snake and Dog
  • Horse and Rooster
  • Ram and Monkey
Now that you know your perfect match, next we will explore creating chemistry between the two and how it works energetically.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

7. Your Opposite Chinese Zodiac Sign -- Challenges, Challenges,Challenges

What is one of the worst situations in life? You have a new boss whose thinking and acting are the total opposite of yours. You want to do this, but he demands that. You think you are performing well, but he messes up your execution. You try to work smoothly, but he presents more problems. The result is a period of hard times and everything seems to be going the wrong way.

In my last blog post, I talked about what it can be like if your zodiac sign is the Tai Sui of the year. Now let's look at what happens when the Tai Sui of the year is in the complete opposite of your zodiac sign year.

But first, let's find your opposite zodiac sign. You can find out either from the diagram in the previous blog or this chart:
  • Rat vs Horse
  • Ox vs Ram
  • Tiger vs Monkey
  • Hare vs Rooster
  • Dragon vs Dog
  • Snake vs Boar
Can we do something to avoid a major shakeup?

Remember what I said before, nothing can change a life which has already been planned. But let's figure out how we can avoid more damage than necessary.

Do not make any major decisions nor big investments. Don't impulsively change jobs or quit on the spot. Think twice about a  move or relocation. Try not to schedule a major surgery. Pay more attention while out and about especially when driving. Avoid attending funerals. Get your teeth cleaned. Donate blood, or get yours tested. Make charitable donations right after the Chinese New Year. Attend celebratory events as much as possible. Maybe throw a party within the year: like your birthday, marriage, or haveing a baby.  All these suggestions help us to stay in power and connected to the positive energies inside us.

In India they teach their children that if they get lost in a forest and can't find a way out to not panic -- sit down, do a little meditation and the road will show up. They believe that each of us has the capacity to download information from outside ourselves that gives us a connection to powerful energies which, in turn, assist us when in need.

I truly believe, that during the year of our opposite zodiac sign, the key is patience, patience, patience. This will help to restore one's energy and power for another year when we can start all over again with a more positive outlook.