Sunday, August 26, 2018

10. Your Chinese Zodiac Love Match

Let's consider the possibilities of matching up Chinese zodiac signs for love.

Again, here are the signs that match up with each other and could theoretically create quite the power couple:
  • Rat and Hare
  • Ox and Tiger
  • Dragon and Boar
  • Snake and Dog
  • Rooster and Horse
  • Ram and Monkey
These combinations could help each individual raise the energies in relationships with people they come into contact with. So, wouldn't it be perfect if we married someone who was born in the year of our matching zodiac sign?

Well, no one can control who you plan to marry, but most likely you will get along with people who are your matching Chinese zodiac sign. Still, relationships are based on individual's personalities. There's much more than just your partner's zodiac to inform how you get along or the energies you are able to create around you. Even if you are married to an opposite zodiac, that doesn't mean disaster. The zodiac sign only changes the different energies that surround you. Maybe it closes some doors, but it also opens up other doors of possibility.

In China before modernization, parents used their children's birth year, month, day and time to pair them with others to find their perfect match in a life partner. The year of a child's zodiac sign is only one part of equation, as the other aspects come into play. If two people with opposite signs come together, their points of view may often differ and sometimes there could be rough patches, but what couple doesn't face conflict in their everyday lives? In relationships, it's all about patience day to day, the mystery of chemistry, and, of course, passion.

Here are some interesting examples:

  • Rooster and Rooster can be a very talkative pair!
  • Dog with Dog are apt to argue over every little thing.
  • Tiger with Tiger both like to be the head of the family.
  • Dragon coupled with Dragon are similar to Tiger, but in a good way.
  • Monkeys together like to spend quality time with each other.
  • Ram and Ram typically do whatever the other wants.
  • Hare together with Hare will most likely raise a large family!
  • Rat and Snake are partners in crime.
  • Ox and Horse can easily miscommunicate.

Like all astrological examinations, the details can become quite complicated.  So these examples are mainly for fun But, on some level they certainly make sense.

As for the key to finding one's soul mate?  It's all about the love energy.

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