Sunday, August 5, 2018

7. Your Opposite Chinese Zodiac Sign -- Challenges, Challenges,Challenges

What is one of the worst situations in life? You have a new boss whose thinking and acting are the total opposite of yours. You want to do this, but he demands that. You think you are performing well, but he messes up your execution. You try to work smoothly, but he presents more problems. The result is a period of hard times and everything seems to be going the wrong way.

In my last blog post, I talked about what it can be like if your zodiac sign is the Tai Sui of the year. Now let's look at what happens when the Tai Sui of the year is in the complete opposite of your zodiac sign year.

But first, let's find your opposite zodiac sign. You can find out either from the diagram in the previous blog or this chart:
  • Rat vs Horse
  • Ox vs Ram
  • Tiger vs Monkey
  • Hare vs Rooster
  • Dragon vs Dog
  • Snake vs Boar
Can we do something to avoid a major shakeup?

Remember what I said before, nothing can change a life which has already been planned. But let's figure out how we can avoid more damage than necessary.

Do not make any major decisions nor big investments. Don't impulsively change jobs or quit on the spot. Think twice about a  move or relocation. Try not to schedule a major surgery. Pay more attention while out and about especially when driving. Avoid attending funerals. Get your teeth cleaned. Donate blood, or get yours tested. Make charitable donations right after the Chinese New Year. Attend celebratory events as much as possible. Maybe throw a party within the year: like your birthday, marriage, or haveing a baby.  All these suggestions help us to stay in power and connected to the positive energies inside us.

In India they teach their children that if they get lost in a forest and can't find a way out to not panic -- sit down, do a little meditation and the road will show up. They believe that each of us has the capacity to download information from outside ourselves that gives us a connection to powerful energies which, in turn, assist us when in need.

I truly believe, that during the year of our opposite zodiac sign, the key is patience, patience, patience. This will help to restore one's energy and power for another year when we can start all over again with a more positive outlook.

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