Sunday, August 12, 2018

8. The Magical Power of the Wu Lou Gourd And Your Power Zodiac Partner

In the past, I have mentioned using a pair of jade Wu Lou at the entrance to my office in order to absorb good energy and make a big change happen within the week. What is the magic of this number eight "8"-shaped squash?

Wu Lou, or the calabash gourd, is a kind of fruit. Aside from eating it, for thousands of years people in Asia have dried it out and used it as a storage vessel. The Chinese use it to hold water, herbal tea, wine, and even medicine -- especially for those traveling or out in the streets all day. Since what is being saved inside must be related to survival, many traditional stories have described its mysterious powers. For example, the medicine held inside cannot only heal illness, it can raise the dead. That's pretty powerful medicine!

Even beyond that, a few popular gods and goddess from old story books use Wu Lou to suck all the devilish energies and bad spirits away; locking them up inside the Wu Lou forever.

This may answer how Wu Lou plays an interesting role in Feng Shui. It can symbolically extend positive energy around you; or absorb bad energy coming towards you.

Maybe we should just wear a pair of jade Wu Lou as jewelry whether it's sunny or rainy -- or maybe not. What I do understand is that a pair of Wu Lou are mostly effective in particular situations or only for a limited period of time. Using their mysterious power should not necessarily be used long term. Yet, if there's an opposite zodiac sign giving you a difficult time, of course there should be one or two Wu Lou around you for protection.

Let's discuss what is one of the most important elements in any person's life: relationships. I'm not necessarily referring to romance or one's life partner, but relationships with everyone around you. Your family, friends, co-workers, boss, strangers and enemies -- in general anyone you might come into contact with on any given day. Imagine receiving care and help no matter whether in an up or down period of life -- doing well regardless of the circumstances and always having help during a difficult period.

Check here to find out which zodiac sign matches best with yours that can help to increase positive relationships with the people you come in contact with:
  • Rat and Hare
  • Ox and Tiger
  • Dragon  and Boar
  • Snake and Dog
  • Horse and Rooster
  • Ram and Monkey
Now that you know your perfect match, next we will explore creating chemistry between the two and how it works energetically.

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  1. No wonder there is now a jewel collection by the name of Wu Lou.
    Even Maggie Cheung is a fan.