Sunday, August 19, 2018

9. More Power Pairing of Chinese Zodiac Signs

Jason is about to interview for a new job. It's important since his current position has not worked out particularly well, and he's going on three years of discontent.

Being an open-minded person with a European heritage, he is interested in and accepting of many different kinds of cultures and beliefs. So I gave him a simple tip for the interview: carry something with an Ox image on his person, perhaps a piece of jewelry or a key chain.

Later that week he tells me he has been selected for a second round to meet the management team. He says he doesn't have any items featuring an Ox, but he does have a coin from a nationwide investment company that has oxen as their brand image. He agrees to put the lucky charm in his wallet and carry it every day. After a few weeks, he is offered the job and accepts.

In my last blog we learned the zodiac sign that pairs up with yours to create a power base. Jason being born in the year of the Tiger matches up with the power partner Ox. The point is, carry an item close to your body with the power zodiac sign that matches yours. It will help to build strong and effective energies among people and give others a good impression of you in any occasion.

Isn't it interesting? A good impression doesn't ensure you will get what you want, such as a new position, a shiny object you must have, or the love of your life. That is all based on your own personality, ability, and honesty. But sending out positive energy to others will help to open up more possibilities; might bring about some happy occurrences; and help us have more friends than enemies. Because our zodiac year only comes around every twelve years, we help to increase our positive energy by carrying a symbol of the zodiac sign that matches up with our birth sign.

As I've mentioned before, if you don't have a object that displays your matching zodiac sign, consider a coin, or maybe a pin, or perhaps a button. This should be something that you can carry everyday and especially for that special occasion.  Other objects to consider: a key chain, money clip, patterned wallet, or an image on your phone home screen. Just be sure to choose the one that correctly matches your zodiac sign.

Again, here are the power pairs of the Chinese zodiac:

  • Rat and Hare
  • Ox and Tiger
  • Dragon  and Boar
  • Snake and Dog
  • Horse and Rooster
  • Ram and Monkey
Happy pairing!

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