Sunday, September 30, 2018

15. Maintaining A Healthy Wealth Energy

In China, during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), legendary Chinese businessman Shen Wansan (1330-1379) was said to have made a great fortune. How great? During his lifetime he became the wealthiest man in the Ming dynasty from a  humble beginning as a farmer. And, he was credited with founding the city of Nanjing where, through his wealth, he built one third of its protective wall.

Shen enjoyed a high profile due to his great wealth and generosity, but it was his fabled treasure bowl that keeps the legend alive. It was said that Shen's treasure bowl would fill with gold and silver overnight; from just putting in a piece of either precious metal.

With such notoriety it wasn't long before Shen piqued the curiosity of the emperor himself. The emperor commanded an audience with Shen and his wonderful bowl. He wanted a demonstration as to how the treasure bowl was able to produce handfuls of gold and silver overnight.

The following morning? Nothing. The emperor was so angry he labeled Shen a liar and ordered his treasure bowl broken to bits and the pieces buried outside The Forbidden City's Meridian Gate. As for Shen, he was sent off to the army as punishment for his deception. Whether truth or myth, even today many Chinese still believe pieces of the treasure bowl are hidden beneath the Meridian Gate.

In the world of Feng Shui, some masters might employ aggressive techniques to help a client raise their wealth energy. In my experience, the more reliable techniques are those that that help to balance one's wealth in order to live comfortably -- especially during "rainy days."  As for a treasure bowl that actually produces handfuls of gold and silver overnight, that might indeed be too much to expect in this world.

Here are some tips for maintaining healthy wealth energy based on one's Chinese zodiac birth year. Seek out an appropriate object to your sign and place it as instructed in your home or private room in your residence.

Rat: any red object in the south
Ox: a glass of water in the north
Tiger: pieces of stone in the southwest
Hare: pieces of stone in the northeast
Dragon: a glass of water in the north
Snake: a music box in the west
Horse: a music box in the west
Ram: a glass of water in the north
Monkey: a plant in the east
Rooster: a plant in the east
Dog: a glass of water in the north
Boar: any red object in the south

These are based on the recommendations of the famous Feng Shui master from Hong Kong, Master So. Happy treasure hunting!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2018

14. The Three Categories of Wealth Destiny

A friend, Todd, was living in Florida where someone gave him a prescription to increase his personal fortune. Not really a superstitious type, he nonetheless followed the instruction and buried a small amount of money outside the front of his house. Money didn't come and a few months later he was laid off of his job. Hmmmm, so far not a positive outcome. But then he was offered a very nice severance package upon his departure from his place of employment.

Did the prescription help or not? It depends on how you interpret the story.  He lost his job, not good; but he walked away with a nice lump sum of money, always good.

We don't know where this tradition comes from, but it certainly is intriguing.  Who doesn't want to use some form of luck, charm or energy to bring more money into their life?

I have heard a few old Chinese tales about growing a money tree, but I've never tried it and I'm uncertain of the specifics to making it successful -- e.g., where to plant it, facing which direction, how much water, etc.

In Feng Shui theory, one's wealth destiny is mainly classified in three categories:

Everyday Money -- Your regular income from a daily job or business. The harder you work, the more money you make

Partial Wealth -- Some people just appear to be lucky at bringing easy money into their lives. They always win at the gambling table, or they draw a lucky number in the lottery.  Not necessarily large sums, but winning money in whatever amount is always a warm and fuzzy feeling. Is it just a matter of right timing aligned with the right energy

Windfall -- A large sum of unexpected money such as winning the lottery jackpot or Uncle Chang unexpectedly left you a couple million or business is so good your annual bonus just reached six figures! Undoubtedly, this is what most of us wish for and why we seek out fortune tellers -- good luck and good fortune.

Under these three types of wealth destiny categories, only the last seems based on the theory that one's life track is already planned -- date and time of birth or perhaps an auspicious sign or symbol on one's face or palm as interpreted by a reader. Everyone wants to live comfortably with security and no worries about those periods of life where money is just not coming in. What's euphemistically called "a rainy day."

Can Feng Shui help? Yes, it's the same as putting energy into growing a relationship energy. There are always tips for keeping one's fortune stable and strong.

What energy, lucky traditions or charms have you employed to enhance your wealthy destiny? Let me know. I would love to hear your story.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

13. A Feng Shui Charm Brings Luck, Confidence, Or ...

Read a Chinese martial arts novel and at some point a skilled swordsman faces the most dangerous enemy he will ever encounter in his life. He figures his chance at winning the match is highly unlikely.

As the day of the match gets closer and closer a paralyzing panic grows within him. He confides his fears to his best friend. What will  happen to his family, his wife and children if he loses, which most certainly means his death. How will they survive without him?

There might be a way. His best friend's family has a legendary, powerful weapon. If they would let the swordsman use it he might actually be able to overcome his enemy.  Yet, his friend refuses to lend him the weapon. The friend promised his parents that the weapon would never be used again as its power would only bring sorrow and suffering upon the world.

The swordsman is devastated as he faces an untimely death.  He tells his best friend not to expect to see him again after the match, scheduled that next day. Observing the angst in the swordsman's face, the friend goes into a deep meditation in search of an answer.

He envisions a small wooden box tucked away in a storage room. Later he gives it to the swordsman instructing him that the weapon within may only be used if his death is imminent -- the power of the weapon is so destructive that its use will bring about dire repercussions. "Don't open the lid. And swear to bring it back as soon as you are no longer in danger."

The swordsman's confidence is restored. He goes forth to the match feeling as if he has the backing of a hundred strongmen. Knowing he holds the ultimate weapon in the box, his mind, his hands and ultimately his swordsman skills are imbued with the strength and confidence of a man ready to win.

That next afternoon the swordsman returns to his friend.  He is bruised and bloody, but in one piece and victorious. He found strength and confidence while facing his enemy knowing he had the weapon to use as a last resort. But, he did not have to use it.

His friend is overjoyed by the swordsman's success.  He slowly opens  the lid of the box. Amazingly, it is empty inside!

"I didn't give you a dreadful weapon. I gave you confidence," says the friend to the swordsman.

Ah ha!  So, the question I have for you is:

Does your Chinese zodiac lucky charm bring you luck? Or, is it connecting you to an energy that brings  you confidence?

Write me. I want to hear your story.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

12. Feng Shui Charms -- Crystal, Gold, Silver, Jade. What works the Best?

About crystals -- there is something I would like to bring to your attention. A friend was going to buy a pendant to match his Chinese zodiac sign and asked if one made of crystal would be the best material. Good question.

Crystals are a very unique substance. In most Western or South American metaphysics circles, it is believed to release powerful energy and can even be used for healing the body and mind. It is after all the substance used in microchips to store memory in your computer.

Because we don't know how the crystal energy affects an individual, I would not suggest using crystal for a Feng Shui charm. Since Feng Shui originated in China, I would rather that you choose a basic material and one that is popular in China. That would mean gold, silver, jade or even just a nice stone.

Does that make sense to everyone?

To be clear, though, jade is the most favorable choice for Chinese. For thousands of years jade has been loved and is always greatly appreciated. Pure emerald green is popular, but snow white jade is the most valuable.

We love the color of jade, but highly important is the quality of the stone. It has to be examined under a jeweler’s light to determine if there are any minuscule cracks or cloudiness. A good piece of jade should also have a natural shine to it without any dull patches. There is the belief that good jade will stay shiny by itself. This is one of the main reasons why the Chinese think jade has an energy that can positively influence the person who is wearing it.

Almost 300 years ago, Chinese author Cao Xue-qin (1715-1764) wrote what is considered to be the most important novel in Chinese literature, “A Dream of Red Mansions,” also known as “Legend of a Stone.” The stone from the title is actually about a large piece of jade which reincarnates with a boy – the main character in the story. The piece of jade has human characteristics and through the boy is able to experience the emotions of happiness and sadness. It is very possible that the author might have gotten this idea because of the long-held belief in the power of jade to endow positive outcomes.

In ancient China, jade was seen as a gift to bring about health and peace of mind -- especially when someone might be afraid of accidents, suffering nightmares or susceptible to unexplainable fears. A senior member of a family would be expected to give a piece of jade to their troubled relative, which they would then carry for protection with the belief it could turn bad energies to good.

These beliefs linger to this day, especially among practitioners of Feng Shui. Jade is considered the best talisman to protect from evil – especially very old pieces or those previously buried with the dead..

In Chinese tradition, the family of the deceased chooses a couple of jewelry pieces to bury with their loved one so it can be carried into the other world. A way to determine if an aged piece of jade has been buried with the deceased is to observe its color pattern. If a reddish-brown color is mixed in with the original green, it signifies that the stone has absorbed blood from the dead body. This is considered to give special powers to a piece of jade.

There is also one more interesting Chinese tradition having to do with jade. Centuries ago, when a relative died, some families would carve a thin piece of jade into the form of a cicada. This would be inserted into the mouth of the deceased.

Eerie for sure, but the reason? Since the cicada sings its loud song for just one season, it represents the dead relative’s life and name being spoken when they were alive. Now that they are no longer living, it’s time for them to remain in peace and quiet. Also, a piece of jade carved in the shape of a cicada is usually totally brown indicating that it has undergone a chemical change by absorbing blood from the corpse in which it has been placed.

People may consider the energy emanating from crystals to be the most powerful, but there is no doubt that jade carries its own distinctive power for bringing about good.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

11. Lucky Charms. This Ancient Tradition Thrives in Cultures around the World

Wearing lucky charms is common in most countries and cultures. Think of the Irish four leaf clover or the Turkish evil eye or the Italian cornicello which translates to "little horn." In China, wearing charms started 1,000 years ago for increasing luck, personal protection from evil and to help make dreams come true. This is just one of a myriad of traditions to bring about magical energies in one's life.

In modern day Japan, this preoccupation with harnessing unseen energies is particularly prevalent. Every little thing every day has an element of increasing one's chances for a better life -- starting a new job, romance and dating, school exams or just ensuring a positive gathering of friends. The Japanese engage this traditional thinking by wearing different lucky charms for different occasions.

In Feng Shui theory cultivated by the Chinese, it's more about enhancing one's environment and immediate surroundings. Wearing lucky charms is a way to keep the positive energy around as one moves from place to place throughout the day. But outside their are numerous energies about that could potentially interfere with a lucky charm's effectiveness. That means we need another place where we can always release positive energies that support our goals. That spot is in one's home.

For the Chinese, a home is one's temple. If we put an icon of our zodiac sign at the right spot inside the house, it helps to increase positive relationship energy the same way a lucky charm does on our body. Here's a guild for the correct location in your home to place your zodiac decoration or furnishing for maximum effectiveness:

  • Rat: a Hare in the East
  • Ox: a Tiger in the Northeast
  • Tiger: an Ox in the Northeast
  • Hare: a Rat in the North
  • Dragon: a Boar in the Northwest
  • Snake: a Dog in the Northwest
  • Horse: a Rooster in the West
  • Ram: a Monkey in the Southwest
  • Monkey: a Ram in the Southwest
  • Rooster: a Horse in the South
  • Dog: a Snake in the Southeast
  • Boar: a Dragon in the Southeast

Just choose a decorative piece for your home that matches your complementary zodiac sign and place it in the corresponding location. Wait and see if anything happens.

BTW, if you choose a money bank that corresponds to your complementary zodiac sign, (such as a piggy, as in boar bank, for a person with the birth year zodiac sign of dragon) be sure to put a penny in it even though it is only a Feng Shui decoration. This is a superstition about luck. The same holds true for a bottle or vase. They should never sit out if they are empty.