Sunday, September 2, 2018

11. Lucky Charms. This Ancient Tradition Thrives in Cultures around the World

Wearing lucky charms is common in most countries and cultures. Think of the Irish four leaf clover or the Turkish evil eye or the Italian cornicello which translates to "little horn." In China, wearing charms started 1,000 years ago for increasing luck, personal protection from evil and to help make dreams come true. This is just one of a myriad of traditions to bring about magical energies in one's life.

In modern day Japan, this preoccupation with harnessing unseen energies is particularly prevalent. Every little thing every day has an element of increasing one's chances for a better life -- starting a new job, romance and dating, school exams or just ensuring a positive gathering of friends. The Japanese engage this traditional thinking by wearing different lucky charms for different occasions.

In Feng Shui theory cultivated by the Chinese, it's more about enhancing one's environment and immediate surroundings. Wearing lucky charms is a way to keep the positive energy around as one moves from place to place throughout the day. But outside their are numerous energies about that could potentially interfere with a lucky charm's effectiveness. That means we need another place where we can always release positive energies that support our goals. That spot is in one's home.

For the Chinese, a home is one's temple. If we put an icon of our zodiac sign at the right spot inside the house, it helps to increase positive relationship energy the same way a lucky charm does on our body. Here's a guild for the correct location in your home to place your zodiac decoration or furnishing for maximum effectiveness:

  • Rat: a Hare in the East
  • Ox: a Tiger in the Northeast
  • Tiger: an Ox in the Northeast
  • Hare: a Rat in the North
  • Dragon: a Boar in the Northwest
  • Snake: a Dog in the Northwest
  • Horse: a Rooster in the West
  • Ram: a Monkey in the Southwest
  • Monkey: a Ram in the Southwest
  • Rooster: a Horse in the South
  • Dog: a Snake in the Southeast
  • Boar: a Dragon in the Southeast

Just choose a decorative piece for your home that matches your complementary zodiac sign and place it in the corresponding location. Wait and see if anything happens.

BTW, if you choose a money bank that corresponds to your complementary zodiac sign, (such as a piggy, as in boar bank, for a person with the birth year zodiac sign of dragon) be sure to put a penny in it even though it is only a Feng Shui decoration. This is a superstition about luck. The same holds true for a bottle or vase. They should never sit out if they are empty.

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