Sunday, September 16, 2018

13. A Feng Shui Charm Brings Luck, Confidence, Or ...

Read a Chinese martial arts novel and at some point a skilled swordsman faces the most dangerous enemy he will ever encounter in his life. He figures his chance at winning the match is highly unlikely.

As the day of the match gets closer and closer a paralyzing panic grows within him. He confides his fears to his best friend. What will  happen to his family, his wife and children if he loses, which most certainly means his death. How will they survive without him?

There might be a way. His best friend's family has a legendary, powerful weapon. If they would let the swordsman use it he might actually be able to overcome his enemy.  Yet, his friend refuses to lend him the weapon. The friend promised his parents that the weapon would never be used again as its power would only bring sorrow and suffering upon the world.

The swordsman is devastated as he faces an untimely death.  He tells his best friend not to expect to see him again after the match, scheduled that next day. Observing the angst in the swordsman's face, the friend goes into a deep meditation in search of an answer.

He envisions a small wooden box tucked away in a storage room. Later he gives it to the swordsman instructing him that the weapon within may only be used if his death is imminent -- the power of the weapon is so destructive that its use will bring about dire repercussions. "Don't open the lid. And swear to bring it back as soon as you are no longer in danger."

The swordsman's confidence is restored. He goes forth to the match feeling as if he has the backing of a hundred strongmen. Knowing he holds the ultimate weapon in the box, his mind, his hands and ultimately his swordsman skills are imbued with the strength and confidence of a man ready to win.

That next afternoon the swordsman returns to his friend.  He is bruised and bloody, but in one piece and victorious. He found strength and confidence while facing his enemy knowing he had the weapon to use as a last resort. But, he did not have to use it.

His friend is overjoyed by the swordsman's success.  He slowly opens  the lid of the box. Amazingly, it is empty inside!

"I didn't give you a dreadful weapon. I gave you confidence," says the friend to the swordsman.

Ah ha!  So, the question I have for you is:

Does your Chinese zodiac lucky charm bring you luck? Or, is it connecting you to an energy that brings  you confidence?

Write me. I want to hear your story.


  1. What a great story to illustrate the restoration of self confidence. It's so easy for us to lose faith in ouselves and begin failing because we think we have lost a battle before it is even started.
    I wish everyone could have a "magic box".

  2. Great story. Having a devoted friend is a great blessing too