Sunday, September 23, 2018

14. The Three Categories of Wealth Destiny

A friend, Todd, was living in Florida where someone gave him a prescription to increase his personal fortune. Not really a superstitious type, he nonetheless followed the instruction and buried a small amount of money outside the front of his house. Money didn't come and a few months later he was laid off of his job. Hmmmm, so far not a positive outcome. But then he was offered a very nice severance package upon his departure from his place of employment.

Did the prescription help or not? It depends on how you interpret the story.  He lost his job, not good; but he walked away with a nice lump sum of money, always good.

We don't know where this tradition comes from, but it certainly is intriguing.  Who doesn't want to use some form of luck, charm or energy to bring more money into their life?

I have heard a few old Chinese tales about growing a money tree, but I've never tried it and I'm uncertain of the specifics to making it successful -- e.g., where to plant it, facing which direction, how much water, etc.

In Feng Shui theory, one's wealth destiny is mainly classified in three categories:

Everyday Money -- Your regular income from a daily job or business. The harder you work, the more money you make

Partial Wealth -- Some people just appear to be lucky at bringing easy money into their lives. They always win at the gambling table, or they draw a lucky number in the lottery.  Not necessarily large sums, but winning money in whatever amount is always a warm and fuzzy feeling. Is it just a matter of right timing aligned with the right energy

Windfall -- A large sum of unexpected money such as winning the lottery jackpot or Uncle Chang unexpectedly left you a couple million or business is so good your annual bonus just reached six figures! Undoubtedly, this is what most of us wish for and why we seek out fortune tellers -- good luck and good fortune.

Under these three types of wealth destiny categories, only the last seems based on the theory that one's life track is already planned -- date and time of birth or perhaps an auspicious sign or symbol on one's face or palm as interpreted by a reader. Everyone wants to live comfortably with security and no worries about those periods of life where money is just not coming in. What's euphemistically called "a rainy day."

Can Feng Shui help? Yes, it's the same as putting energy into growing a relationship energy. There are always tips for keeping one's fortune stable and strong.

What energy, lucky traditions or charms have you employed to enhance your wealthy destiny? Let me know. I would love to hear your story.

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