Sunday, October 7, 2018

16. Keeping Your Wealth Energy Spot Activated

Have you determined the location of the treasure spot in your home to grow wealth energy yet?  And based on the Feng Shui master's suggestions, is the lucky charm of your Chinese zodiac birth year helping to keep your wealth energized?

Here are a few more tips:

For those of you using a music box, choose one that winds by hand rather than one that runs on electric. One that makes metal clicking sounds is best and be sure to play it at least once a day.

The suggestion of red objects is obviously very broad. You don't really want something out of character in your home that might bring about a superstitious feeling.  Match the object to your own home decor style. Something like a little couch pillow, lamp shade or vase all work well.

The other lucky charms come from nature:

Plants—this can be any type of live, green plant, but a Feng Shui master will advise that you purchase a small Chinese lucky bamboo (Dracaena sanderiana) and grow it in water, not soil. For the Chinese water means money. A plant that grows in water helps to absorb wealth energy.

Believe it or not, it's all up to you. The rest is just from nature.

Water—fill a glass with clean tap water and refill when it begins to evaporate.

Stones—just choose a couple of small pebbles from your garden outside. Or you can always find decorative ones in a floral or new age gift shop. Do not use crystals. Those send out an entirely different energy.

All of these lucky charms -- a plant, water, stones, even a sound or color -- can raise energies when located in the right spot. And, these locations in your home will not change no matter where you live or if you move your residence.

These energy spots stay fixed from year to year. The only exception is when the energy spot in your home happens to be in a bathroom. Then we have to change the yearly wealth energy spot based on the yearly zodiac animal sign during lunar new year.

Again, Feng Shui cannot change the bigger plan for your life; but it will help to open up more doors of opportunity in good times and cushion the challenges of bad times.

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