Sunday, October 14, 2018

17. The Energies of Trees

Having packed everything in preparation for the move to a new house with his partner, Honda takes one last look around the old house. His eyes finally fall on the little tree in the backyard, whose species he has never known. So many memories come back to him: when he was just a kid and planted the tree together with his parents; watering and caring for it until it grew into a fine specimen.

Why not plant a similar one in his new home? But, he doesn't know the name of the tree and is unable to find another like it. Ah ha.  He decides to dig up the tree and move it to the new residence he will be sharing with his partner.

The first six months at the new place, the tree does fine. But then leaves start turning yellow one by one. Honda's partner suggests that maybe the tree has to get used to the new location. Day after day the leaves fall until they are almost all gone from the tree.

Around the same time, Honda's partner is hurt in a terrible hit and run accident while walking home. The injuries are serious and the partner is in critical condition in the intensive care unit.

Between running to the hospital, home and work, Honda barely checks on the tree until he realizes it appears to be dying. At the same time his partner doesn't survive the accident and passes away in the hospital. Honda is sitting in the yard and remembering all those days and years with his partner, when he notices the tree. It too has died.

A short while later he is chatting with a friend about his partner's dying at the same time as the tree. His friend tells him that removing the tree from the old house to the new was a big mistake. It only brought about bad energies; not just from where they were living before, but especially to a new and unknown environment.

Honda believes that the tree predicted what would happen from the falling leaves to the finality of dying and almost exactly at the same time his partner passed away in the ICU.

Intriguing, yes. But for Honda a very sad experience. One wonders if there is energy between humans and plants. Why not?

Trees are the same as all other living things on earth. They breathe the same air, drink the same rain water, grow from the same soil, and are affected by the same energies all around us.

Some Feng Shui masters believe that trees share many traits with humans and are just a different form of our species. That is quite a concept. But, throughout history, trees are often given human traits in literature and movies.  Remember the angry apple trees in the classic film, "The Wizard of Oz"?

There are hundreds of stories and myths about trees from traditions around the world. The question then is: how does Feng Shui look at the energies of trees?

Stay tuned.

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