Sunday, October 21, 2018

18. Tree Energies: Lucky, Evil and Some Specifics

In my grandparent's generation, it was taboo to grow a papaya tree in front of one's house, And, they warned me to never, ever, stand underneath a papaya tree during a full moon.  They believed evil spirits liked to hang out around that tree. As I understand it, the explanation had to do with the shape of the papaya fruit. In nighttime shadows the fruit looks like a head hanging down from the tree.  Eerie.

I've certainly had my share of unexplained experiences and one story stands out in my memory.  It was while I was attending college for design. A few classmates and I spent Easter weekend at the cabin of one of our friend's family. It was situated in a valley and there was a papaya tree just outside. Uh oh.  Susan, one of our classmates, began yelling that she saw a large size rock moving all by itself towards the tree. And, she insisted she heard someone knocking next door, but the rest of us didn't see or hear anything at all.

Was the papaya tree sending bad energy to Susan and Susan only? In Feng Shui theory all trees have energy -- some good, some bad. It depends on the interpretation and how the energy is utilized.
In Malaysia there's a similar superstition about banana trees, Malaysians believe spirits live inside these trees. It's the same in Japan where many people worship nature and think many evils come from trees. These evils can appear in human form and often as someone familiar, although dead.
In Hong Kong's New Territory, due to a fast growing population and rapid land development, the government is rebuilding many of the smaller, original villages. There is always a struggle with the local residents and at some times there have even been protests. Why? Because in the course of reconstructing a village, the community's Feng Shui tree was removed!

A town's Feng Shui tree is thought to bring good luck, health and prosperity from one generation to the next. And, it's more than just protection. There's a very famous 'Wishing Tree' in Hong Kong's Lam Tsuen-Tai Po. People write down a wish on a piece of red paper, tie it to an orange (versus a rock) and throw it up into the tree. The story is that the higher one's wish is hanging on the tree, the faster it will manifest.

Of course, there also trees or plants that send out negative energies -- like the bamboo blossom I mentioned in a previous blog. And remember the Iron Wood Tree from blog number two.

On a more positive note, a special kind of tree that is very popular in Asia is the  Kirin tree especially among business owners. The belief is that this tree can help to generate enough money that a person can become wealthy.  The Kirin Tree can be grown in a pot or even as a bonsai and it's very easy to maintain. One word of caution, it cannot be kept inside a store or home. Only outside.  Inside the tree will create disagreement and arguing between one's business staff or family members.

That means don't place a Kirin Tree at the zodiac wealth spot in your residence or business! Got it?

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I didn't know about papaya trees myth..