Sunday, October 28, 2018

19. Feng Shui -- The Energies of the Natural World

When a Feng Shui master goes to a client's home or business for a consultation, he/she is not just checking out the energy spots inside, but also considers the environment outside. This is because they believe that the energies from the exterior surroundings may affect the Feng Shui.

The majority of people live in metro areas where there are all kinds of buildings in different shapes and sizes. Not to mention highways, flyovers and public transport. If a rock or plant can make a difference in a Feng Shui energy, why not buildings and roads? Those living in suburbs or rural areas may face mountains or bodies of water.

What exactly do the words Feng and Shui mean in Chinese? The translation is wind and water! This helps to explain how important a role the natural environment just outside your door plays in the energy of your location.

In Feng Shui theory, water signifies wealth. Mountains are about people. What does this mean?

Hopefully you remember that I previously noted how Chinese believe water means money. So, wherever there's water running outside the area where you live could determine if it is a wealthy spot. Whether it is positive or negative depends on what type of water is running outside -- the ocean, a clear or muddy river, a huge lake or just a still body of water.  All will make a difference in the outcome.

Mountains can vary with trees, grasses and rocks and also provide a living space for numerous animals and birds. That's why they are thought to affect the people in your life as well as family members and even the general population of a community.

These different settings can determine whether a location is good or bad for you.  Actually, you can probably sense this yourself. Consider the difference in the feeling between rocks and stones or beautiful greenery with oxygen emitting trees that are so bound with humans' survival.

An important part of the concepts underneath the thinking of Feng Shui is that  it is based on nature.  As we face uncertainty with the threat of global warming, maybe we just need to be sending our love energy to mother earth at this challenging time.

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