Sunday, November 4, 2018

20. Global Warming and Feng Shui

A wise man once said, "Waters are running and running from the mountains but the total volume is always same, never more or less. Mountains stand still throughout time and do not seem to change, but actually they keep growing because of the greenery. Both have been releasing the same energies over millions of years."

Today we are facing global warming which very well may affect changes to your environment soon: for better maybe, fingers crossed; or worse, the scientists are worried.

  • Glaciers melting at an alarming rate threaten the level of the ocean, its temperature and water sources for billions of people in locations around the world.

  • Cutting down hundreds of square miles of trees reduces the respiration rate and the release of oxygen into the atmosphere.

  • The raw materials that we depend on so heavily from nature are finite and their decimation could lead to global chaos.

  • Combined with the extraordinary growth of our human population, the wise man's words above are facing a daunting challenge.

How do we bring Feng Shui principles into all of this? Underlying all the concepts of Feng Shui is balance. Especially balancing the five key elements: gold, wood, water, fire and soil. Based on his or her calculation, a Feng Shui master is tasked with finding which elements in your life are out of balance, Then they help to raise your energies in a particular area so you will be in balance again.

If the waters and mountains are off balance because of global warming, we can imagine there very well might be a chain reaction in your Feng Shui readings.  Good for business if you are a Feng Shui master. But for the rest of us ...

It's not just global warming, it's global WARNING.

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  1. Not just global warming, it's a global warning... someone should say tell the fearless leader.