Sunday, November 11, 2018

21. Tiger Kitty

A neighborhood kitty keeps hanging out on my patio these days. She's a tabby with dark brown stripes and I think she is very beautiful. She started coming to see me this past February, or maybe it was March. Since then she visits twice almost every day: in the morning and again in the late afternoon. She likes sitting outside where she watches me through the sliding glass door. A friend said she might be a familiar (like a guardian angel or animal guide) who comes to watch over me. Or maybe she is trying to give me a secret message. I wonder.

There are many cat lovers, and also many who do not love cats. That could be because cats can mysterious. Some of us love a good mystery, other's hate the uncertainty. Maybe it's are fascination is because of cats curious nature, not to mention their big glowing in the dark eyes when they look straight at us at night. Especially intriguing are the black cats that are often tied to bad luck or unfortunate stories.

In the Chinese dream dictionary good things will come to you if you dream about a tabby. If one walks into your home that can be a predictor of good things coming to you within the next three months!

The western dream dictionary is very different from the Chinese. In the west dreams are considered more a reflection of what's behind your brain. Dreams explain the truth from the bottom of your heart; feelings that you might not be able to express in the waking world. For the Chinese, dreams are signals that foretell: a special energy channel bringing you messages. That's why some meanings of dreams can be really strange. For instance, if you are surrounded by poo in a dream, congratulations!, You will soon have some extra money in your pocket!!!

Let's come back to the kitty. Some of you may have learned in history class about ancient Egyptians worshiping cats. They were treated as the most respected idols.

In contemporary cultures, people are still very fond of cats. They play a key role in many comics and cartoons; are popular brand products; and they even show up prominently in crime novels. Cats are often found in unlikely circumstances in present day Japan. it's a sign of how crazy the Japanese are about cats.

For instance: in Kinokawa, Japan, a small town south of Osaka, the train station had appointed Tama, a calico cat, as Chief Officer.  During her lifetime she was officially in charge of the station where she just hung out everyday.  Her exalted position drew thousands of fans from all over to come who would come to meet her or follow her online. Currently in charge at the station is Nitama (translation: second Tama), who once served as Tama's apprentice.

But there is another story that I would like to share about cats in Japan. More to come ...

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  1. Visiting cat , such a blessing.
    Cats are such a joy