Sunday, November 25, 2018

23. Bringing a Lucky Cat into Your Home or Business

Nowadays, no matter where you are in the world, you may see a Japanese lucky cat on the front desk of a store or office. This is especially popular in businesses throughout Asia and many, many people display a lucky cat(s) in their homes. 

How is it that this cute white ceramic cat has become so popular outside of Japan? Expected to bring magic energy to its owner, the cat typically has one paw raised and the other usually holds a gold plate with Japanese or Chinese characters -- these often signify money or good luck. Many people throughout Asia and beyond believe this lucky charm figurine can bring about good fortune and create luck for its owner.

Be sure to refer to my previous blog where I wrote about the origin of the legend of the Japanese lucky cat. If you are trying to buy one online,  or you are lucky enough to be in Japan, you will find they come in many colors and a variety of styles.

What do these choices signify? From what I've learned, the original lucky cat comes in a few specific colors and they do have different meanings. Those with extra patterns or fancy designs are nothing more than gimmicks to increase sales.

First, let's start from the raised hand --

RIGHT hand up, that means beckoning money.

LEFT hand up means welcoming people or customers.

BOTH hands up is beckoning luck.

There is also another indicator: RIGHT hand for home, LEFT hand for business. For me I care more about which hand attracts money rather than if it is the correct hand for home or business.

Now about color:

WHITE, lucky in everything.

GOLD, beckoning fortune and gold.

PURPLE, longevity.

PINK or YELLOW, beckoning romance and love.

GREEN, academic success.

BLUE, blessing for the home.

And the last two:

RED, beckoning health.

BLACK, kicking away evil energies.

Hiroko, a Japanese coworker of mine, gave me a black lucky cat when I was scheduled to have eye surgery. She said the black lucky cat gives healthy life. I think the black one can do the same as the red one -- beckoning good health while it kicks out bad energies. Including sickness.

And, one final variation: if your lucky cat comes with a little bell, that helps to kick away bad luck and negative energy as well.

Very important -- whether you place your lucky Cat in your home, business or both, it must always face towards the outside of the building -- either the front door or a window on the front of the building.

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