Sunday, December 30, 2018

28. Fire and Water. A Battle in Your Home

Home is the place where we spend the most time in our busy lives. It's the place where finally, at the end of a long day, we can relax and recharge after spending time outside. While resting or sleeping, it is also the time for our bodies to rebuild energy. That's why the Feng Shui of our homes is so important.

In my blog we've talked about the relationship spot, wealth spot and best health spot.  But, sometimes the interior floor plan of our homes can affect us a lot, even our health. Here is what I have heard and learned about making the layout of our homes the most supportive of our good health.

In Feng Shui theory there are two major spots in a home that can create good energies that are important for health. These depend on the existing interior layout and where the kitchen and bathroom(s) are in your home. The kitchen -- obviously this is where you cook and where the stovetop is located. The bathroom(s) -- this is where the majority of running water is used.

So, think about it.  In Feng Shui there are five elements and in the case of the kitchen and bathroom we are talking about FIRE and WATER -- two extreme opposite elements. Since the kitchen is used for cooking the food we eat, it is related to the digestive system and liver. The bathroom is about the bladder and kidneys.

A design trend these days is a layout where the kitchen opens to the dining area and sometimes a great room beyond. Or in a studio apartment the kitchen is often in the same room where we live and sleep. The aspect of this that we need to be careful about is where is the door to the powder room or bathroom. If a bathroom door is directly facing the kitchen and stove area, that will create what we call a "battle between fire and water." If you're sitting on toilet on the toilet and the kitchen stove is visible, how could this possibly affect ones health? 

This layout could lead to a digestion issue and you might end up with diarrhea, food poisoning or even liver and kidney problems. The suggestion is to always keep the bathroom door closed and maybe hang up a Japanese style half curtain if there is an archway or door to the kitchen. You can also place a glass of water next to the stovetop to help cut down damage from the battle between water and fire. These ideas will help to kick out bad energies.

The other situation to be concerned about with the layout in a home is how the kitchen and bathroom line up with your bedroom, which is where you rebuild energy when you sleep. When sleeping in bed you are opening up your mind and spirit in a kind of meditation-like activity. Energies inside or outside the bedroom can easily enter or leave through an open door. With no protection, a bedroom might not be a healthy room in your home.

No matter if you live in a house with many bedrooms, a one bedroom apartment or a studio, if you lie down and can see into a bathroom or the kitchen through the bedroom door, it is not good Feng Shui -- especially if you can directly see the toilet or stovetop. This might cause many health problems, including bladder, kidney, digestion, stomach or liver trouble. Yikes!

What to do? Move your bed, keep the bathroom door closed at all times, put up a screen or place a medium height plant to block the line of vision. That way bad energies from the toilet or stovetop will be avoided.

Want to hear more? I know you do.

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