Monday, January 28, 2019

32. Lucky 3! Lucky 7! Mmmm, Maybe Not!

People think 3 is a lucky number in Chinese culture, but it's quite taboo in one's house where Feng Shui is concerned.

Be sure to review how the lighting is set up inside your home. If you have a set of three light bulbs that line up, you should be aware of this and make changes accordingly.

Most Chinese Buddhists burn incense and light candles as an offering  or sacrifice to gods and ancestors -- as well as to make offerings to someone who has recently passed and even sometimes to a ghost. Usually the offering is made by burning three joss sticks together.

This is the key. Three lights coincidently lined up in the home is a replica of three burning joss sticks. That's why it's a no-no. How can this be fixed? Certainly you can come up with creative ways to re-arrange the lighting in your home. Just be sure to do it.

Another popular lucky number is 7, but this is a western superstition. The Chinese believe the spirit does not know that they are dead right away. From the day of passing until the deceased are finally put to rest, takes a total of 21 days.  The family helps the dead through this process, which is divided into three parts.

Every seven days there is a ritual such as burning long white candle, joss sticks, paper money, paper clothing, etc. The items being burned actually represent a meal for the spirits. Be sure when you go out to dinner always avoid ordering seven courses. You don't want to eat like the dead on those seven day events.

Another number that the Chinese are careful around is the number 4.  This is because in Cantonese it is pronounced the same as dead. Rarely is the number four chosen for an important event.

Now, what numbers can help us expand our connection to good energies?

Monday, January 21, 2019

31. The Mythical Power of Numbers

Think.  What is a number that gives us the shivers? That makes us think twice and can even instill fear even in the most masculine of men -- 666.

No matter how you first learned about 666 -- whether from your religious studies, in the movies or reading mythology -- these three numbers together bring about a mysterious power. Typically 666 is aligned with dark energy, that associated with the devil. No doubt we could share hundreds of stories and experiences about this scary number, but not today.

Arguably the most popular (or maybe unpopular) number that relates to mysterious energies is for sure the number 13. This number is often associated with bad luck and its mystery traces back to The Last Supper when 13 followers gathered -- and one betrayed Jesus.

Also, every few years there will be one year that has 13 full moons. This is often thought to foretell an unlucky year. People are very superstitious when the 13th day of the month falls on a Friday. On these days even the least superstitious might be wary of unfortunate events happening.

Decades ago Americans developed an odd curiosity about two dollar bills. Some said it brings bad luck and some felt it symbolizes good luck. This unusual denomination is still sometimes used to characterize another, "He's as queer as a two dollar bill."

For the Chinese community, numbers bring in good or bad energies not because of traditional stories or myths, but because a number's pronunciation might be similar to other Chinese words. For example: in Cantonese the number 3 sounds the same as alive, lively or make/create; number 8 sounds the same as wealthy. Imagine the power of three and eight combined?

Together they indicate creating wealth. That's why Chinese particularly love pairings of three and eight whether in a house number, a license plate or when choosing lottery numbers.

The number 9 has its own mythological power since it sounds the same as longevity. People feel it brings long life energy when doing things on a date that includes this number.  You might consider indulging in nine courses for a birthday dinner banquet. Choose the ninth day of the month for your wedding day, etc. What can you think of doing on a day with the number nine?

In the year year 2019, September 19 could be one of most busiest days for wedding registrations and wedding banquets. Be sure to book ahead.

These are numbers with positive energies in Feng Shui theory. But, there are a few numbers that we should also be wary of. More to come.

Monday, January 14, 2019

30. Super Date for 2019!

Let's look at the numbers!

We've said goodbye to 2018 and we are on our way with 2019! 

No matter what happened last year, it's time to turn to a new page. Stay with all your positive energies as we consider the most auspicious date in 2018 and what's coming up for 2019.

If you look back to 2018, the most popular day was probably 8/18/18. Just look at the number. Do you get the secret?  To many it means chains of luck. To the Chinese it means wealthy, wealthy, and wealthy. What a big deal! That's why 8/18/18 was also the busiest day of the year for couples to get married. It will be hard to forget this anniversary date.

In our new year, 2019, which day will be the most popular? TBD, but maybe 9/19/19. The number '9' in Chinese is pronounced the same as "longest in time." This should attract many lovers who will take the optimistic next step by getting married on this day -- the "longest in time," as in happily ever after.

Interesting how numbers giving us such important meanings isn't it? They can bring unexplainable energies to our daily life. Stay tuned.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

29. Lines of Energy Above and Beside Us

When I was just a kid, I overheard a conversation between my mom and dad that has affected me to this day -- especially when I am sleeping in a place where I haven't been before. My parents were talking about a short trip they had taken with some friends. They were staying in an old house but there weren't enough beds for everyone so a couple of the guys ended up sleeping on the floor. In the middle of the night one of them was shocked awake by a hand in the air trying to attack him. Very strange and frightening, but my Mom explained it was because he was sleeping under a beam in the ceiling that ran over the sleepers. This, she insisted, was something to never do -- sleep under a major support beam or exposed beams in a ceiling.

Pretty spooky, right?

Construction in older or historical buildings often has visible beams running across the ceiling. And, nowadays too, there is a design style with exposed beams. In Feng Shui theory, this can bring bad energy, especially if the beams happens to be exposed in your bedroom and particularly if they are over your bed. What does this mean?

When you are in bed and a beam runs directly over your head, you are probably having a lot of dreams or maybe even nightmares. This will certainly make you tired the next morning; or it could be difficult to sleep through night; you might even have headaches all time.

If a beam runs across your mid-section, be careful with your heart, stomach and liver. Across your feet, you could easily fall down or sprain an ankle.

The most interesting outcome could be that you might not have many opportunities for travel or to move -- meaning no vacations, nor relocating your residence, even not achieving a promotion at work. The most problematic and dangerous position is if a beam runs vertically from head to toe. That means vacate the room ASAP.

If beams are exposed outside the bedroom, especially in a spot where you spend a lot time sitting or working, you may find yourself suffering headaches or easily forgetting important things. There could also be a situation inside your home or office space with columns running from ceiling to floor. Depending exactly where the columns are situated in the room, they could block out good energy if in the wrong Feng Shui spot.

I visited an office just after a successful company had moved in. They were expanding the business from a smaller space. There were columns almost exactly in front of the main entrance. Would you believe that after just one year in their new space they lost all their major clients and had to close down the business?

Not that you should have to worry needlessly. I think that you can be the judge and make logical decisions for yourself about how beams or columns are affecting the Feng Shui in your space. How do feel, how are things going for you and your family or your business? You can easily sense on your own and you don't really need the advice of a Feng Shui master.

No one feels comfortable when something is blocking the energy in one's daily life.  Be aware of your environment and  how it makes you feel. That makes the most sense, right?