Sunday, January 6, 2019

29. Lines of Energy Above and Beside Us

When I was just a kid, I overheard a conversation between my mom and dad that has affected me to this day -- especially when I am sleeping in a place where I haven't been before. My parents were talking about a short trip they had taken with some friends. They were staying in an old house but there weren't enough beds for everyone so a couple of the guys ended up sleeping on the floor. In the middle of the night one of them was shocked awake by a hand in the air trying to attack him. Very strange and frightening, but my Mom explained it was because he was sleeping under a beam in the ceiling that ran over the sleepers. This, she insisted, was something to never do -- sleep under a major support beam or exposed beams in a ceiling.

Pretty spooky, right?

Construction in older or historical buildings often has visible beams running across the ceiling. And, nowadays too, there is a design style with exposed beams. In Feng Shui theory, this can bring bad energy, especially if the beams happens to be exposed in your bedroom and particularly if they are over your bed. What does this mean?

When you are in bed and a beam runs directly over your head, you are probably having a lot of dreams or maybe even nightmares. This will certainly make you tired the next morning; or it could be difficult to sleep through night; you might even have headaches all time.

If a beam runs across your mid-section, be careful with your heart, stomach and liver. Across your feet, you could easily fall down or sprain an ankle.

The most interesting outcome could be that you might not have many opportunities for travel or to move -- meaning no vacations, nor relocating your residence, even not achieving a promotion at work. The most problematic and dangerous position is if a beam runs vertically from head to toe. That means vacate the room ASAP.

If beams are exposed outside the bedroom, especially in a spot where you spend a lot time sitting or working, you may find yourself suffering headaches or easily forgetting important things. There could also be a situation inside your home or office space with columns running from ceiling to floor. Depending exactly where the columns are situated in the room, they could block out good energy if in the wrong Feng Shui spot.

I visited an office just after a successful company had moved in. They were expanding the business from a smaller space. There were columns almost exactly in front of the main entrance. Would you believe that after just one year in their new space they lost all their major clients and had to close down the business?

Not that you should have to worry needlessly. I think that you can be the judge and make logical decisions for yourself about how beams or columns are affecting the Feng Shui in your space. How do feel, how are things going for you and your family or your business? You can easily sense on your own and you don't really need the advice of a Feng Shui master.

No one feels comfortable when something is blocking the energy in one's daily life.  Be aware of your environment and  how it makes you feel. That makes the most sense, right?

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  1. My dad was a firm believer. He moved his bed to avoid the ceiling pillar