Monday, January 14, 2019

30. Super Date for 2019!

Let's look at the numbers!

We've said goodbye to 2018 and we are on our way with 2019! 

No matter what happened last year, it's time to turn to a new page. Stay with all your positive energies as we consider the most auspicious date in 2018 and what's coming up for 2019.

If you look back to 2018, the most popular day was probably 8/18/18. Just look at the number. Do you get the secret?  To many it means chains of luck. To the Chinese it means wealthy, wealthy, and wealthy. What a big deal! That's why 8/18/18 was also the busiest day of the year for couples to get married. It will be hard to forget this anniversary date.

In our new year, 2019, which day will be the most popular? TBD, but maybe 9/19/19. The number '9' in Chinese is pronounced the same as "longest in time." This should attract many lovers who will take the optimistic next step by getting married on this day -- the "longest in time," as in happily ever after.

Interesting how numbers giving us such important meanings isn't it? They can bring unexplainable energies to our daily life. Stay tuned.

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  1. Surely all to_be_wed couple will fight for this day. Just like 12-12-2012