Monday, January 21, 2019

31. The Mythical Power of Numbers

Think.  What is a number that gives us the shivers? That makes us think twice and can even instill fear even in the most masculine of men -- 666.

No matter how you first learned about 666 -- whether from your religious studies, in the movies or reading mythology -- these three numbers together bring about a mysterious power. Typically 666 is aligned with dark energy, that associated with the devil. No doubt we could share hundreds of stories and experiences about this scary number, but not today.

Arguably the most popular (or maybe unpopular) number that relates to mysterious energies is for sure the number 13. This number is often associated with bad luck and its mystery traces back to The Last Supper when 13 followers gathered -- and one betrayed Jesus.

Also, every few years there will be one year that has 13 full moons. This is often thought to foretell an unlucky year. People are very superstitious when the 13th day of the month falls on a Friday. On these days even the least superstitious might be wary of unfortunate events happening.

Decades ago Americans developed an odd curiosity about two dollar bills. Some said it brings bad luck and some felt it symbolizes good luck. This unusual denomination is still sometimes used to characterize another, "He's as queer as a two dollar bill."

For the Chinese community, numbers bring in good or bad energies not because of traditional stories or myths, but because a number's pronunciation might be similar to other Chinese words. For example: in Cantonese the number 3 sounds the same as alive, lively or make/create; number 8 sounds the same as wealthy. Imagine the power of three and eight combined?

Together they indicate creating wealth. That's why Chinese particularly love pairings of three and eight whether in a house number, a license plate or when choosing lottery numbers.

The number 9 has its own mythological power since it sounds the same as longevity. People feel it brings long life energy when doing things on a date that includes this number.  You might consider indulging in nine courses for a birthday dinner banquet. Choose the ninth day of the month for your wedding day, etc. What can you think of doing on a day with the number nine?

In the year year 2019, September 19 could be one of most busiest days for wedding registrations and wedding banquets. Be sure to book ahead.

These are numbers with positive energies in Feng Shui theory. But, there are a few numbers that we should also be wary of. More to come.

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