Monday, January 28, 2019

32. Lucky 3! Lucky 7! Mmmm, Maybe Not!

People think 3 is a lucky number in Chinese culture, but it's quite taboo in one's house where Feng Shui is concerned.

Be sure to review how the lighting is set up inside your home. If you have a set of three light bulbs that line up, you should be aware of this and make changes accordingly.

Most Chinese Buddhists burn incense and light candles as an offering  or sacrifice to gods and ancestors -- as well as to make offerings to someone who has recently passed and even sometimes to a ghost. Usually the offering is made by burning three joss sticks together.

This is the key. Three lights coincidently lined up in the home is a replica of three burning joss sticks. That's why it's a no-no. How can this be fixed? Certainly you can come up with creative ways to re-arrange the lighting in your home. Just be sure to do it.

Another popular lucky number is 7, but this is a western superstition. The Chinese believe the spirit does not know that they are dead right away. From the day of passing until the deceased are finally put to rest, takes a total of 21 days.  The family helps the dead through this process, which is divided into three parts.

Every seven days there is a ritual such as burning long white candle, joss sticks, paper money, paper clothing, etc. The items being burned actually represent a meal for the spirits. Be sure when you go out to dinner always avoid ordering seven courses. You don't want to eat like the dead on those seven day events.

Another number that the Chinese are careful around is the number 4.  This is because in Cantonese it is pronounced the same as dead. Rarely is the number four chosen for an important event.

Now, what numbers can help us expand our connection to good energies?

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