Monday, February 4, 2019

33. Happy Chinese New Year! And Back to the Numbers

Gong Xi Fa Chai! Happy Lunar New Year to everyone!

In just a couple more days -- on February 5th -- it's Chinese New Year, and we welcome the Year of the Boar, or as some might say, The Year of the Pig. Then, the next day, February 6th, is the official first day of spring on the lunar calendar.

Many lovers may be planning to get married and have a piggy baby, for sure, the 19th of September (9/19/19), as mentioned in previous blog posts, could be a very popular day to get hitched.

But let's turn this post back to talking about numbers. My friend Melissa called to tell me that she got a new phone number. I asked if she got a new phone and she said, "No, just another number."

Melissa, who runs her own company, was attending a conference in Los Angeles where she ran into a Feng Shui practitioner visiting from Hong Kong. She doesn't really follow Feng Shui principles, but she thought how could it hurt to get a little advice about Feng Shui from this man.

The intriguing part is that he didn't need to visit her office. He based his reading on her birth day and time. With that information he told her she could benefit from changing her phone number. Because Melissa's a business woman and phone calls are her main connection to her clients, he suggested the best numbers in her phone number that could help her to generate more business.

Did it work? Well, I am still waiting to hear back from Melissa. But, this isn't the first time that I've heard about numbers bringing positive energy to a business, especially based on a phone number. I heard that this is very popular in Thailand. Apparently, Thai's base their business phone number on the day of the week that they were born and out of that a set of lucky numbers can be determined for the best number. Here they are:

Monday: 9, 16, 19     Tuesday: 2, 4, 26     Wednesday: any number but NOT 3 or 13     Thursday: 2, 4     Friday: 55     Saturday: 2, 4, 26, NOT 8     Sunday: 7

Interesting? They also think that the number combinations of 213 or 217 can lead to more traffic accidents. 1881 could mean betrayal by others.

In Thailand there are some very superstitious traditions. So much so that phone companies will set up a good phone number for you based on the chart above. Do you believe it? When in Thailand ...

Ok, I'll be back shortly.  I've got to call my friend Melissa.

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