Monday, February 18, 2019

35. Color and Good Energy -- What's Best for You?

The Forbidden City, Beijing (Peking), China, Asia

Yes, the color red in Chinese culture is a symbol of happiness, celebration and good luck.  And, like other cultures, the Chinese believe that painting the front door to one's house red will attract positive energy. This tradition continues, but in the old days when China was still under the rule of emperors, only rich families and governors could afford to paint their front door red. It was a sign of status and wealth. This is a common occurrence as told in centuries-old stories and poetry.

When examining old-style traditions around marriage matchmaking, two potential young lovers would be paired up based on what type of front door they were living behind. The front door -- wood or bamboo -- was an indication of whether a family was rich or poor. Wood signified well off; bamboo less so.

But, is red truly the perfect color to attract good energy? Perhaps not 100 percent. In the theory of Feng Shui, red really does help to raise the power of positive energy, especially in a timeframe where there is the highest potential for success. Wearing more red helps to empower this energy.

Most Feng Shui followers then figure that if they are in period of low energy, or even a timeframe where they're hitting bottom, that red can help them get back up. They could, however, be wrong. How so? If one is in a period where energy is low, wearing red could increase the bad energy.

Uh oh! Then what color can help us when we're down? Yellow.

Did you ever notice how Chinese monks in higher positions always wear yellow? Or that Chinese amulets to ward off evil are drawn on yellow paper? This is not a coincidence. In Feng Shui theory yellow is the color that can help kick out bad energy, even evil energy. And, it is suggested that you wear yellow and sleep in yellow sheets to avoid negative energies.

Many years ago, a top ad agency in Hong Kong was having paranormal incidents after a member of the staff had been murdered during an in-office robbery after hours. To figure out what was going on the agency hired a famous Feng Shui master.  He said the spirit would likely come back on a certain day and time and suggested that several co-workers wear yellow to deflect the energy.  Now, does wearing yellow during a bad (or low) energy period make more sense to you? You can give the red a break.

Raising good energies with red and yellow? Yes, depending on the time period you are in. Yet, there's more. The color that is best for you also depends on the season in which you were born.

  • Summer: Wear more blue, white and black
  • Autumn: Best to go with green
  • Winter: Try more red, orange and purple
  • Spring: You are perfect in any color, but especially white

These recommendations are not just for clothing, but they are also good for home furnishings as well as wall decorations. Be sure to wear your lucky color somewhere on your body every day. It will help put a smile on your face and boost your confidence.

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