Monday, April 1, 2019

41. THE YEAR OF THE BOAR -- What's in Store for Your Chinese ZodiacSign?

It's the year of the boar -- What's in store for each of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs this new year?

BOAR -- As I've mentioned before, it being your zodiac year does not bring any special favors or extra good luck. Chances are, boars this year could be facing a lot of negative emotions, feeling down a lot of the time, especially those who are now between the ages of 36 and 48.

Try cheering yourself up. Don't isolate from friends. If possible, go on a vacation in November (October in the lunar calendar) -- go northwest if you were born in spring or summer; go Southeast if you were born in autumn or winter. Do NOT travel in the wrong direction.

Also, you might be susceptible to injuries that affect your legs or mouth, particularly in November (October in the lunar calendar). Be more careful when driving. Be sure to keep up a good oral hygiene schedule that includes routine cleanings. Donating blood during the month of November would be a positive thing to do. Just try to keep yourself lighthearted and always make an effort to remain patient no matter how challenging a situation.

RAT -- If we were to rate the 12 Chinese zodiac signs during the year of the boar -- from good to bad --  rat would come in at number three. That means you can expect to have a great year in most aspects of your life.

Your relationship energy is pretty strong, especially those who are single. It's a year with a lot of potential to find your soulmate. Success or not depends on the choices you make in pursuing romance this year. On the other hand, this year may NOT be the best for  those already married. For those of you in marriages, you will probably understand what I mean as the year unfolds.

Overall, be clever, creative and open to possibility. Your relationship energy is strong.  It can be used for romance, career, friends, family and it will teach you a valuable lesson about the meaning of devotion.

OX -- For those born under the sign of Ox whose last year was kind of unstable, this year will probably not see a lot of change. You will need to work harder for your own benefit. But be aware of what's around you. Your lucky opportunities may come from a great distance. Focus on connections beyond your local community. They might bring you good opportunities that are unexpected. Those born in spring or summer will experience a gradual increase in positive energies through 2022.

The message this year for ox -- remember to always look further and aim higher.

TIGER -- Be glad because you are about to enjoy a wonderful and profitable year. Helpful people from everywhere will be attracted by your positive energy.  They will be eager to offer a helping hand in your career or business aspirations.

But if you slow down to take a breather, you may feel lonely and slightly unhappy for a while. It will be easy to lose things or misplace them.

No matter what, the year of the boar will be a great 12 months. Your job this year, tiger, is to remember just one thing:  the way you treat others is how they will treat you back. Of course, that's good advice for every year.

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