Monday, April 8, 2019

42. Year of the Boar; What's Your Sign?

Okay, let's continue with expectations for additional Chinese zodiac signs this year of the boar: 

HARE -- You always seem more lucky than the others. Positive energies may not be overwhelmingly powerful, but they are already strong enough in the areas of relationship, making money in business or career, as well as doing well investing. Is that good enough for you this year of the boar?

Look out for the coming year 2020! You will be on top AGAIN. But one note of caution: always remember, when in the prime of life or at the top of your Chinese zodiac cycle when things just keep getting better and better, none of us can avoid rainy days forever.

DRAGON -- Congratulations! You are in the number one spot out of all the eleven zodiacs this year! With the strongest positive energies backing you, achieving your goals this year will happen without a lot of effort on your part.

For those of you born in autumn and winter, you may want to change jobs or start your own business. But wait until after May or June (that's April or May on the lunar calendar). For all singles, finding your other half and falling in love is a real possibility. Do we hear wedding bells? And those of you who are already married, a baby could be arriving sooner than later. Keep in mind, it's the wise who know how to make the best choices when luck is on their side.

SNAKE -- Sorry, you are in the year of your opposite zodiac; meaning this could be a most challenging one. For sure you will be facing lots of changes -- in career, relationships, and you might be moving. If you do move to a new house, avoid the front door facing northeast or southwest. When relocating, those born in  spring or summer will fare better in the northwest. You autumn or winter babies will do best in the southeast.

If you are in love or married, try to be patient with your partner if you don't want an unhappy ending. If work is going okay or at least tolerable, don't change your job this year. During the opposite zodiac year there can be more accidents. So be sure to keep to a frequent teeth cleaning regimen. Donating blood is always a good way to keep bad energies at bay. And, keep yourself in good spirits even when the challenges mount. Yes, that's a challenge in itself.

HORSE - On a scale of one to twelve Chinese zodiac signs, this year you're in the middle at a five/six. This means that it won't be a particularly good or bad year. But as the saying goes, everything in moderation.

Horse has enjoyed a few good years over the past couple, especially 2016, the year of Rooster. This year your behind-the-scenes guardian angel continues to help out in subtle ways. No matter what, however, 2020 will see your energy slowing down a lot. So make the most of this spring which could be your last chance to use up all that good energy that's been around you. After, just take things at a more leisurely pace and don't activate any new plans during this period.

What goes up must come down. Just make a point of being well prepared as you stand at the precipice of that steep slope.

We'll talk about the remaining Chinese zodiac signs in the next blog.

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