Monday, May 20, 2019

48. Caution: Dolls!!

My friends have always been the types to share interesting stories with me. But now that I am posting weekly to Connective Energies, I find they love to tell me about strange or eerie things happening to them or people that they know.

A number of years ago, a coworker of a friend went to Spain for vacation. Like most tourists, he went out exploring the streets stopping into local antique stores and visiting the flea market. His hope was to find a treasure that would remind him of the unique local culture once he returned home. He came across a doll that was so captivating he just had to have it. Without knowing its background, or a giving it a second thought, he took it back home with him.

About three feet tall, the doll was the height of a young child. Because of this, he treated the doll like a little person and propped it up on one of his favorite chairs. At times he would even talk to it – almost as if it were a family member. After a while he began to have unsettling dreams, kind of nightmares that made him sense something wasn’t right in the house. He, himself, was feeling odd as if he were filled with bad energy.

Our mutual friend suggested he get some counseling and he ended up consulting a Feng Shui master who came out to investigate what might be going on inside his house. Afterwards they had a conversation, but the master insisted it take place outside because he suspected negative energies were coming from the doll. He felt a spirit was active inside the doll.

The master wasn’t sure if the spirit was in the doll when it was purchased in Spain. His analysis, though, was that a doll three feet or taller and treated like a living person might attract a spirit -- particularly a spirit in need of caring, holding or being talked to. The spirit could attach to the doll to receive the affection it might be missing. This energy – typically of an evil nature – would eventually occupy the person who was interacting with the doll.

He was told to go back into the home, act as if everything were the same and then take the doll out for a walk. At some point on the walk he was instructed to dump the doll into the trash or leave it at a junkyard. After this the master would place something in his house which would block the spirit’s return.

My friend told me her coworker did exactly as instructed and everything returned to normal.  Except he did not bring another doll into the house from then on.

I'm sure many of you have heard similar stories from friends or perhaps in movies or novels. This experience and my previous post about the Geisha doll being struck by lightning are two real life examples that happened to people I know. At the very least, it has made me cautious about dolls and I rarely consider buying one for my own home.

In the U.S., a well-known case of a doll possessed by an evil spirit is that of Annabelle. This antique Raggedy Anne doll is currently on display inside a glass showcase at Warren's Occult Museum in Monroe, Connecticut.

For the chilling story of Annabelle, be sure to visit

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