Monday, May 27, 2019

49. Annabelle, Evil Dolls and Voodoo

In 1968 a young nursing student handed over a Raggedy Anne doll to Ed and Lorraine Warren, the most famous husband and wife paranormal investigators at the time. The student believed the doll was possessed by an evil being. Those of you that follow occult phenomenon may already know this story of the Raggedy Anne doll named Annabelle. It has inspired many film and TV productions and, in fact, the third film in the “Annabelle” series is a summer 2019 release; it is also the sixth installment in “The Conjuring Universe,” based on real-life cases investigated by The Warrens.

The student, Donna, and her roommate Angie observed that the doll could move around their apartment apparently all by itself. Not to mention lots of other terrifying activities throughout the house. Worried and scared, the young women sought a consult with a psychic who told them that a spirit was residing inside the doll -- a dead girl named Annabelle. A few unsuccessful exorcisms later, along with escalating frightening behavior, Donna was advised to donate the evil doll to the Warrens.

Now Annabelle is on display at The Warren’s Occult Museum located in Monroe, Connecticut. At the beginning, Annabelle was placed near the entrance where she could watch visitors coming and going. Then the eerie behavior began: Annabelle would be found in different corners when the staff arrived in the morning; ripped up paper would be found strewn about the floor where Annabelle was laying. At a certain point it was decided -- best to keep Annabelle in a glass showcase. Still, every once in a while, torn up pieces of paper show up on the floor near the case.

The belief is that objects that duplicate the human figure – such as dolls, statues or sculptures – can be conduits to those in the other world. The spirits experience the living world through the human-like object and this allows for a form of communication from one world to the other.

For witches it’s purported that the most effective way to cast magical energies upon the body of a living person is through a doll.  Think voodoo dolls. They exist in both western cultures as well as throughout Asia.

In China and South Asia, witches allegedly still use voodoo dolls to influence a person’s experience – for good as well as evil. These dolls are made from a variety of different materials such as grasses, stuffed cotton or wood. The process involves acquiring the name, birth day and time from their subject. Evoking a secret spell, the voodoo doll becomes a device through which energy can be transmitted. It is said that suffering can be inflicted with pins – one stuck into the right hand of the doll and the living subject of the spell will feel pain in their right arm. If all the pins are placed in the area of the heart, the subject’s life could be snuffed out.

Not all likenesses of human figures are used for evil purposes. In Thailand, local Feng Shui masters might recommend making your own rag doll. Treat it as a friend and it could actually help protect you. Russian shamans suggest making your own rag doll and placing your most dear wishes inside. They might actually come true. The suggestion is to never paint a face on the head. That, it seems, might be the key to turning the doll towards evil and make it attractive to demonic energy.

Are you a collector of dolls? Do these stories scare you? Maybe caution is necessary when choosing a doll -- avoid the creepy looking ones and go for those that exude happiness and fun. Maybe a happy clown?

Yet again, be sure to check out my next blog. You may have to rethink doll collecting. Yes, there’s more to tell ...

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