Monday, June 24, 2019

53. Strange Energies; Odd Experiences

Whether a living or business space, we now know it’s best to avoid a dumbbell-shaped floor plan. The most important thing is to open up your heart and mind and try to feel what energy comes to you.

What else should we be paying attention to when it comes to interior spaces?

Many houses are built with two stories; the kitchen, living and dining rooms on the ground floor, then bedrooms and bathroom on the second.

·      It’s important to make sure the staircase is not exactly facing the front door. The belief is that it could bring a lot of accidents to family. And it could be difficult to hold onto money.

·      If three doors are facing each other at the end of a corridor it forms a triangulated energy. Family members may find themselves in a lot of disagreement and arguments

·      No major column should be standing in the middle of a house or business space. This could bring sickness to a family. In an office it could mean losing business.

I have a friend who was looking for a condo as an investment property. He found one the one he really liked. It was quite spacious, and it also had a nice sized attic. Close to purchasing it, he was advised to go check it out one last time – to walk around by himself, tune in to his feelings and invite the energy in the house to connect with him.

Everything felt the same as the first time he visited, but then he walked into the attic. Alone. There he felt something different. At first, he wasn’t sure what was different, but then he realized there was a scent in the room. He looked around and discovered two wall closets off to one side that he hadn’t seen before. The scent was coming from inside.

He pulled open the closet door. There he discovered an incense stick in a holder set up in front of a black and white photo of a woman. He was shocked at what he saw, shut the closet door and walked out of the attic. He didn't buy the property.

He was surprised that he overlooked the closets during his first visit to the condo. And, why would the owner keep a shrine to a woman in a closet if he was selling the property? Like he was advised, it’s important to open yourself up to the energies around you. Welcome them and you, yourself, can be actually be your own Feng Shui master.

Choosing a good Feng Shui house can bring a lot of positive energies including confidence and good health. Unfortunately, with a bad Feng Shui house things may go in the opposite direction.

Even as an employee, bad energies can have an effect on you. 30 years ago, I accepted a two-month contract at an ad agency where my two friends worked -- Shirley and Rita. Their bosses had a new project and they urgently needed additional help on the creative side.

It was a small company located on the sixth floor in a commercial building set on the corner of the block. There were only six to seven employees including the owners Don and Russ. They often worked from home, so the office atmosphere was pretty quiet. This gave me, Shirley and Rita time to chitchat.

One day we were chatting away when the topic turned to superstitions. Shirley told me about what had happened to her in the office right where we were sitting. Because the number of staff was minimal, Shirley took on a lot of different responsibilities. She was always in the office early and always the first to open the door. At certain times she would sit at the front desk and take on the role of receptionist/secretary.

The front door was glass and when sitting at the reception desk she could see who was getting off the elevator. The lighting was dim, but she would often see shadows floating in the hallway through the glass door. This was such a regular occurrence, at one point she thought the shadows might be floaters that often occur in one’s vision.

One morning, alone in the office, Shirley went to the pantry to clean up and make the morning coffee. Passing by the conference room, from the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse of Mike, a tall British account exec. His back was facing her as he looked out the window. She was surprised that he was in the office so early.

After making coffee, she returned to the conference room to say good morning, but no one was there. So she walked down the hall to Mike's office -- also empty. At that very moment she saw Mike coming through the office front doors waving good morning. She was shocked and asked if he was coming in for the first time that morning. He said yes and she realized that he was wearing a suit. The Mike she had seen in the conference room a few minutes earlier had been wearing a white shirt, not a suit. Who was that Mike?

This, however, was not the only nor the last odd incident she had in this office ...

Monday, June 17, 2019

52. Dumbbell-Shaped Floor Plan? Stay Out!

Researchers tell us that memory recall begins in a child’s third year. Any memories prior are rare and even those early ones are more a series of random images. As with most things, it depends on the individual person.

My early childhood recollections are being with my nanny. Sorry Mom. My very first remembrance is of me out on the street holding a clear plastic bag with a goldfish in it. I might’ve been three, but any memories before or after this snapshot image are forgotten. Later on, approaching the age of four, I remember being in my nanny's home. Those memories are deeply embedded in my mind. It was also around this time that I first encountered strange energies.

In one of my earlier blog posts, I told about a particular experience in a house that was laid out with a dumbbell-shaped floor plan, an oddity for sure. What exactly is a dumbbell-shaped floor plan? A house or apartment unit with two large rooms at either end connected by a long narrow corridor. The front door is often in the corridor, so the entrance is situated in the middle of the layout.

There were usually two bedrooms at one end and a kitchen and bathroom at the other. This meant a middle of the night trip to the bathroom required a long walk through the dark corridor. For me, it felt like I was walking into another world. I was always a bit anxious because if anything were to happen who could hear my isolated cries for help at the other end of the corridor?

Where I lived as a child, I could always hear the wind howling at the other end of the corridor. It was really unsettling. I worried that it was where the negative energies were hiding out.

The experience from my previous blog post was about how one night I woke up to see heads hanging from the window pane. That was not the only time I had an experience with a dumbbell-shaped floor plan where I was scared to bits. The next happened in a business space.

The advertising agency where I worked in the 1980s had three floors of office space. I was on the middle floor in the creative department, which shared the floor with account servicing. Because of where the entrance was situated, to get to creative meant entering through account servicing, walking through the narrow corridor and then into my department. I'm not claustrophobic, but there being only one way in and one way out, I could feel a little trapped.

One Saturday evening I was out at the movies.  Afterwards I figured I would stop by the office to take care of something. The sky was cloudy, it was almost 6 o’clock and I wouldn’t have been surprised it someone was working -- even though it was Saturday evening.

The floor was dark except for ambient light coming in through the windows. No one was in account servicing, so I kept on going into the corridor towards the creative side. Still in the corridor I heard a phone rang up ahead. I went straight to my work space, the phone still ringing. Then I heard a man’s voice – very low – answer the phone, “Hello.”

No lights were on in my department either. Who was in back working in the dark? After the phone greeting, I didn't hear another word. Of course, I was curious. I started walking around the department to find out who else was there with me on a Saturday night. There was a ringing phone and a quiet man’s voice. Yet, as I discovered, on the entire floor the only living being was me. All of the sudden I felt a freezing cold chill run from the top of my head all the way down my back. Spooked, I got out of the office as fast as I my feet could move me.

I never found out what was going on in my office that night. But, as people of my parents' generation would always say, a space with a dumbbell-shaped floor plan is a bad choice for property hunting – whether residential or business. Darker energies tend to gather at one end.

Based on my personal experience, I am a total believer.

Monday, June 10, 2019

51. Is Your Home or Business Properly Situated?

For the past 15 years, the San Francisco / Bay Area real estate market has been on a steady climb upward. In the last seven years or so it has skyrocketed to astronomical heights. The city now boasts the most expensive housing market in the US, making it one of the priciest places to live in the world. Small businesses and California middle class residents are moving elsewhere in search of communities where making a living is not such an overwhelming challenge.

In northern California, the blame is generally placed on the high-tech giants of Silicon Valley with their inflated employee salaries and overly generous benefits packages. Still finding home and hearth now seems difficult unless you’re on a fast track to a six-figure plus salary. Considering a global hotspot? Our market rate same as the worldwide top three Manhattan, Tokyo, and Hong Kong – where one chooses to live and make a living is a very important individual choice. Whether renting, saving to buy or actually taking the plunge of home ownership, it takes a while to settle into a community and call it home. A big consideration is what kind of energy does your community bring to your life? This, and the actual physical attributes of your living space, is a big consideration when deciding where to live.

Many believe that when checking out a space, especially if you love it at first sight, try to arrange another visit in the evenin. Everything may feel very different at another time of day, especially if you’re seeing a place after dark under artificial light and surrounding quiet down.

In my mom’s generation, they would suggest bringing a child with you to check out a new living space. The best age of the child is between three and six. The thinking is that a child's brain is able to much more easily sense energies from beyond our reality. If the child is running around and enjoying the strange surroundings, that means the place has a lot of positive energies. On the other hand, if they are impatient, cranky, whining to go, and certainly if crying, then you should note that the space is probably under some negative influence.

Of course, many of us do not have children available to accompany us to an open house at any given time. Or children can be easily distracted by hunger, sleepiness or a bad mood, so this is not always a failsafe way to check the Feng Shui of a potential new living space. A great Feng Shui master certainly has the professional skill to help you determine the positive and negative aspects of a home or business space. Still, there a couple of things we can to do to help ourselves without having to incur a lot of expense or effort.

In this blog let’s talk about the outside of your building.
  • It's very common for trees to be planted next to the pavement along the street out in front of a house. But be aware that if there's a big tree planted right in front of the main entrance door, it cuts the energies coming in and out of the house. People living inside will not feel a smooth process doing anything.

  • Situated at the end of a downward slope could mean negative energies could roll all the way down into your home.

  • And much the same if a house is sitting at the top of a rise. If the front door is at the top, all you have accomplished and acquired might roll out the door and down the hill.

  • If the house sits at the end of a cul-de-sac, those living there may feel isolated and lonely which could easily lead to depression.

  • When moving into the house, if construction is taking place opposite the front door, try to choose another day after the construction has been completed. Because a construction means break down and open up, who likes your new home being breakdown?
Now let’s consider the interior of your potentially new living space. Stay tuned.

Monday, June 3, 2019

50. Let There Be Clowns

If you’re on the Nevada gambling tour traveling southward from Reno towards Las Vegas, you will likely pass through the small town of Tonopah. This quiet town of a few thousand residents boasts a famous landmark that has been drawing visitors throughout the years. Right on North Main Street sits the Clown Motel which features, you guessed it, a clown theme.

Walking through the lobby door, guests are immersed in a collection of hundreds of clown dolls with a wide variety of painted faces. All smiling, all the time, it’s up to the visitor to interpret whether the smiles are welcoming or creepy. A life-size clown sits right next to the front desk and numerous others are on display, even lined up along the wall on shelves. Too much, you may wonder? The lobby is just the beginning.

Clowns, clowns, clowns everywhere. Hanging on walls throughout the motel, a full-size face sticker on each guest room door. Just about every corner has a clown image in it so your eyes won't ever lose sight of a loopy smiling clown. And more – the view from the second-floor balcony overlooks an old graveyard across the street. Eerie for sure; not one light shines over the shadowy, ghoulish scene.

According to guests who’ve spent a night or two at the Clown Motel, strange energies have been encountered. Hmmmm … dolls moving about, odd giggling in an empty room, whispering in guests’ ears, calling out their names. Creeped out yet?
There's even a rumor that a guest witnessed the head of one life-sized clown turning all the way around, 360 degrees. Then it actually fell off its body, which the clown quickly replaced all by itself.

An unofficial explanation has to do with Tonopah’s history as a coal mining town. A dreadful explosion in the mine killed a lot of workers underground. Over a hundred years ago when the Tonopah coal mine was thriving, as many as 30,000 people lived there. Hundreds of lives were taken through a series of major accidents. A cemetery was built just outside the town to bury the dead. Then another tragedy; in the early 1900's an unknown virus took many lives again. The mines were closed for good after another explosion in 1912. Townspeople started moving out leaving behind a sleepy community with a dwindling population.

The son of a killed miner opened the Clown Motel. To memorialize his father – a big fan of clowns – he decided that clowns would be the dominant theme. Paranormal investigators were drawn to the place by the odd occurrences experienced by the guests. Dark energies were reported to be in existence and the experts attributed them to the graveyard across the street.

The cemetery had been closed down for many years and was all but abandoned. With no one visiting or taking care of it, the investigators theorized that mystery energies gathered over the course of a hundred years. And, with all those clown dolls just across the street … Remember in the last two blogs how we talked about dolls being receptacles for spirits on the other side that are compelled to express emotion in the living world?

Are you sure you would like to spend a night at the Clown Motel? Maybe you enjoy dolls with strange smiles and empty eyes. I heard the motel has been put up for sale. Better get there before it’s too late.

The ancient tradition of collecting dolls is unlikely to go away. How can one not be attracted to a facsimile of a human that retains its innocence, always has a ready smile and never gives its owner difficulty? Well, collector beware. Even though it’s only a doll, be careful not to overly engage with it, show it too much love and by all means, do not spoil your doll. It might develop otherworldly needs that you will unlikely be able to provide. 

You've been forewarned.