Monday, June 10, 2019

51. Is Your Home or Business Properly Situated?

For the past 15 years, the San Francisco / Bay Area real estate market has been on a steady climb upward. In the last seven years or so it has skyrocketed to astronomical heights. The city now boasts the most expensive housing market in the US, making it one of the priciest places to live in the world. Small businesses and California middle class residents are moving elsewhere in search of communities where making a living is not such an overwhelming challenge.

In northern California, the blame is generally placed on the high-tech giants of Silicon Valley with their inflated employee salaries and overly generous benefits packages. Still finding home and hearth now seems difficult unless you’re on a fast track to a six-figure plus salary. Considering a global hotspot? Our market rate same as the worldwide top three Manhattan, Tokyo, and Hong Kong – where one chooses to live and make a living is a very important individual choice. Whether renting, saving to buy or actually taking the plunge of home ownership, it takes a while to settle into a community and call it home. A big consideration is what kind of energy does your community bring to your life? This, and the actual physical attributes of your living space, is a big consideration when deciding where to live.

Many believe that when checking out a space, especially if you love it at first sight, try to arrange another visit in the evenin. Everything may feel very different at another time of day, especially if you’re seeing a place after dark under artificial light and surrounding quiet down.

In my mom’s generation, they would suggest bringing a child with you to check out a new living space. The best age of the child is between three and six. The thinking is that a child's brain is able to much more easily sense energies from beyond our reality. If the child is running around and enjoying the strange surroundings, that means the place has a lot of positive energies. On the other hand, if they are impatient, cranky, whining to go, and certainly if crying, then you should note that the space is probably under some negative influence.

Of course, many of us do not have children available to accompany us to an open house at any given time. Or children can be easily distracted by hunger, sleepiness or a bad mood, so this is not always a failsafe way to check the Feng Shui of a potential new living space. A great Feng Shui master certainly has the professional skill to help you determine the positive and negative aspects of a home or business space. Still, there a couple of things we can to do to help ourselves without having to incur a lot of expense or effort.

In this blog let’s talk about the outside of your building.
  • It's very common for trees to be planted next to the pavement along the street out in front of a house. But be aware that if there's a big tree planted right in front of the main entrance door, it cuts the energies coming in and out of the house. People living inside will not feel a smooth process doing anything.

  • Situated at the end of a downward slope could mean negative energies could roll all the way down into your home.

  • And much the same if a house is sitting at the top of a rise. If the front door is at the top, all you have accomplished and acquired might roll out the door and down the hill.

  • If the house sits at the end of a cul-de-sac, those living there may feel isolated and lonely which could easily lead to depression.

  • When moving into the house, if construction is taking place opposite the front door, try to choose another day after the construction has been completed. Because a construction means break down and open up, who likes your new home being breakdown?
Now let’s consider the interior of your potentially new living space. Stay tuned.

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