Monday, July 1, 2019

54. Get the Fung Shui Master. QUICK!

No matter the reason, many people like to invite a Feng Shui master to check out their new home or office space before moving in. This can be especially important for the success of a business. It’s important to make sure the place you are moving into has good energies; or, if there are dark energies, to uncover and compensate for them so they can be neutralized of their negative effects.

Let’s revisit my officemates Shirley and Rita from my previous blog. The afternoon was sunny and warm as preparations were underway for a presentation to our bosses, Don and Russ. Shirley was at the copy machine running off documents for the meeting. Rita and I were making sure all our materials were in proper order.

I was engaging Rita in conversation when all of sudden Shirley screamed out loud and jumped back from the copy machine. She stared down at the floor and asked if we saw it. Saw what? Rita and I didn't know what Shirley was talking about. We hadn’t seen anything.
She told us a round furry ball jumped up onto the copy machine. It moved along the top to the edge, hopped down to the floor, moved along the edge of the wall and then disappeared through it. She was absolutely certain of what she had just witnessed. She was bewildered and couldn’t understand why these strange occurrences in the office only happened to her.

I told my Feng Shui master friend Danny about this odd incident and he showed a lot of interest. He came over to the office and took out his Feng Shui compass to check a few things. This tool is actually a functioning compass, but it sits on a wooden plate shaped like a red square with a variety of Chinese characters on it. Before using a Feng Shui compass it has to undergo a secret ceremony which imparts it with special powers.

Danny stopped at the corner by the front door and wall. He asked me to come over and showed me some curious readings on the compass. Since it sits atop a square of wood, when put up against a wall it should be stable with the needle pointing north. The compass in Danny’s hand had a needle that was moving back and forth erratically -- like a motor running nonstop. This was the very first time I saw how abnormal energy can register on a Feng Shui compass.

Afterward, Danny chatted with Shirley for at least an hour. They kept their conversation to themselves and since I was only there for a two-month contract Shirley never confided in me what Danny had told her. Nevertheless, the compass indicated that something was definitely awry in that office space.

The message here is that inviting a Feng Shui master to check out the energies in a new home or office space could be a really good idea. In past blogs we've talked about how your Chinese zodiac sign can affect the different energies in a living space. Yet every space has its own Feng Shui and it might be necessary to dig deeper into the energies of certain problem areas. Preferably with the help of a professional who can explain the circumstance and how to fix it.

We’ll talk more about this in my next blog.

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