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55. Blessings from Feng Shui

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In the western world, religious traditions can include a blessing for one’s home and family. For Catholics this could involve inviting your parish priest over to ensure that your house is protected from evil – what could very well be thought of as the devil. Most likely, Father will sprinkle holy water throughout the rooms while invoking the power of a benevolent God. Native traditionalists might burn a smudge stick (called smudging) often made from the sage plant. The sacred smoke is thought to cleanse all negative energies from a dwelling.

These rituals help to bring about peace of mind and create a sense of protection for the inhabitants. In Asia, the Chinese have a similar tradition -- inviting a Feng Shui master to examine their living space or place of business. They advise where and how to place furniture for harmony and to protect from negative energies. They might also advise how to increase prosperity, which would could enable the occupants to eventually become, if they’re super lucky, crazy rich Asians.

There are a few key things a Feng Shui master is responsible for: choosing the best day on the lunar calendar for moving into a new place -- 
because in the lunar calendar every day has an opportunity for best, or less than best, outcomes. If you pick the wrong day there is no guarantee that you will obtain the best result. This is why picking a lucky day is so important for those in the Chinese community who follow these traditions. This is especially prevalent when it comes to making choices about a wedding.

Back to moving. Once you have found the best day for moving, or even the perfect time of day if you are super detail oriented, then a worship ritual is required that involves the four corners of a space. At the same time boil water so that it steams the room. Turn on a small electric fan and let the air blow around the space.

Is this getting interesting now? In the Chinese tradition, blowing air (or wind) and boiling water correlates to performing successfully in business. And that translates into making a lot of money. This is why these rituals are so important to many Chinese when moving into a new space.  

A variation comes from Buddhists. Some like to set up a tablet honoring the god of land (or earth) just outside the front door. They believe this god will guard the door, stop any evil spirits from entering the house and protect the family from negative energies.

As I’ve mentioned previously, every house and office space has its own energy – both positive and negative. It is the work of the Feng Shui master to minimize the negative and enhance the positive. These energies are not based on the inhabitant’s personal Chinese zodiac signs, But, rather the energies that come with the space itself.

The activities prescribed by Feng Shui masters for their Asian clients are similar in concept to those of the western world. The words are slightly different. In the west it’s called a blessing; a ritual to bring about positive energies in a place so that the inhabitants can live and work comfortably with good health and prosperity.

Of course, if you have extra money, the Chinese tradition might include a celebration where guests are served a roast suckling pig -- a delicacy that augurs good luck.

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