Monday, July 15, 2019

56. Do You Know Where the Money Spot Is in Your Home?

In ancient China just before a new emperor was to ascend to power, there were two important activities that needed to be accomplished. Because an emperor is typically thought of as the son of heaven – as well as the master of all the land and its people – a huge vase would be made in his honor to represent his superior status. This was the first activity. Second, after the vase was installed on the altar constructed for the throne ceremony, the emperor was obligated to pray to heaven on its northwest side.

Why northwest? Master Lee, a famous Feng Shui expert, has stated that the northwest is yang energy – based, of course, on the traditional Feng Shui theories. Yang corresponds to the Sun – the bright side, masculine, a lord, man of the family, and the source of all power. That's why the emperor was required to worship in that particular direction; so that he would engage his power as well as receive protection.

In the layout of a house, northwest represents master, husband and father. Aside from an individual’s status, northwest also aligns with money, or good fortune.

There's a very popular Cantonese restaurant in Hong Kong which has been open for decades. Every day all the seats are taken, the tables full of customers. Of course, the quality of the food and service is the key to the restaurant’s success. But the owner also has a secret based on Feng Shui. When he was designing the floor plan, he made sure to set aside a small space in the northwest corner. It's a separate room just for the money – a cash register, the company safe and it’s where the accountant crunches the numbers.

With this knowledge from Master Lee, we can assume that the northwest spot is the main wealth area in a home as well. Be sure to place your safe in that area of your home. If you don’t happen to own a safe, perhaps assign a receptacle (maybe a wooden box or even a cookie tin) where you can keep your cash, financial documents, or any other valuable items – including jewelry. This will help to raise the energy around wealth creation and help you to lead a stable life. That would be called a blessing.

If you're the domestic person in a relationship and your partner is the money maker, a safe or box placed in the northwest spot of your home could mean that your bread winner will always give you enough money to spend as you desire. But, if your northwest spot includes a door or a large window, you will want to keep them closed at all times so that your money doesn’t fly out.

Feng Shui and its energy theories depend in part on how much you adhere to their instruction. Whether you choose to believe in its philosophies, or not, work hard and spend your money thoughtfully. This is good advice under any circumstance.

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